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Since the origination of what would eventually turn into Humminbird, in Alabama in 1971, they have been a leading innovator of Side-Imaging technology which helps fishermen and fisherwomen to land more fish. They continue to give their customers an edge over their competitors. They manufacture fishfinders, depth sounders, GPS systems, and marine radios for today's fishermen.

This company started out as a small electronics company, so from the very beginning you can be sure that they know what high quality products are. Starting from working in a garage to one of the United States most used fishfinders, you know there has been nothing but heart and soul put into each of their products. When you have something that starts out so small and continues to grow over the years, you know you are placing your trust in something that has been researched, refined, and exactly what the customers want to see! They have been producing top-notch products for the last 40 years, and they will continue to design and create new innovative products for years to come!