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Kokatat takes a great deal of pride in the fact that they have stayed true to their beliefs and make 90% of their products in their original California factory. The owner realized the need for locally sourced products that are an excellent quality. For over 40 years these have been paddles that were made and created by people who use the products themselves. When you have people who truly enjoy what they are creating and manufacturing you know you are receiving excellent products. No one knows better what is needed than those who participate in the sports they create products for. They take so much pride in their products that they come with a lifetime guarantee against defects in manufacturing or materials.

Their customer service is unlike any other. They receive praise from their customers because when opinions are voiced on new products to make or what is missing, Kokatat takes all of that into consideration. On top of creating excellent products, Kokatat is trying to leave the smallest carbon footprint they can. By them focusing on being as efficient and as green as possible, they are assuring that the wonderful world of outdoors will be around for many years to come.