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For more than 45 years, Mustang Survival has been making top quality life saving devices. They have been constantly innovating and changing their products over the years to ensure that they are always producing the best possible flotation and protective devices. Their flotation and personal protective equipment are used by the Coast Guard, all types of law enforcement, water rescue teams, and recreational boaters. Their products are so top notch that even fighter pilots wear them. If all of those people choose Mustang Survival to protect them, you know you are getting an excellent product with the highest of standards. Their products all come from real life needs, whether it is to protect a child, to protect a boater or fisherman that could potentially fall into the water, or even protecting against hypothermia. Using applications from real life allows them to test their designs and make sure it is the perfect fit for each and every situation. The time and effort that goes into each product is all done to give their customer the best chance of survival.