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Roboworm is a company located in Camarillo, California that is proud to offer Made in the USA products since 1989. If you take a man who loves bass fishing and has a robotics engineering degree, you get Roboworm. They have used extreme innovation to create a robotic system that pours worms the exact same way someone would manually pour. The men who are running this company are all experienced bass fishermen and truly love what they do.

From choosing the colors that will snatch you a monster to handling the day to day operations, these men know what they are talking about. Roboworm is the leading manufacturer of soft plastic lures in the world. Not only do these men love to fish, but they are good fishermen. Winning tournaments should lead you to believe that they know a thing or two about baits and colors. You can have complete and total confidence in your lure when you are using something from this company.