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YOLOtek is a brand that was born out of problem-solving. No one knows the need for something on the water better than anglers who are on the water themselves. One day, a father was out fishing with one of his sons and realized how frustrating it was that his phone battery continuously died while he was out on the water. They had an idea that someone needed to create something to take power from the navigation light port and convert it to USB. The father called his son, Christian Corley to explain his frustration, and a few hours later, the PowerStick-10 was born! After showing the product to an elite angler, they quickly realized the need for this product to hold their GoPro or other action cameras, and a few days later, they created the PowerStick-53! Their name comes from the idea that they allow you to capture all your 'You Only Live Once' moments on the water. Next time you are heading out and want to make sure you can capture your greatest catch or a fun afternoon with the family, YOLOtek has you covered!