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Hawg Trough Measuring Board (Pre-lined & Floating)

  • Hawg Trough
  • Hawg Trough Floating Material
  • Hawg Trough Measuring Board

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Product Description

The Hawg Trough Measuring Board was designed specifically for kayak anglers for an accurate measurement of your catch. The logo on the board is the Fishing Online logo as pictured above. The black lines are required in most tournaments (KBS included) because the judges cannot see the yellow raised marks on the board. By marking each line with a permanent marker, you can clearly see the length of the fish in a picture. These boards do not float straight from the manufacturer, so the Fishing Online hawg trough has foam that is glued underneath the board for buoyancy. This floating foam is glued into a preexisting slot along the bottom of the board so it does not make the measuring board bulky. You will not find the pre-lined and floating options anywhere else, so grab yours today and have it ready to use when it arrives!

Key features and benefits:

  • Exclusive floating and pre-lined options
  • Blackened Numbers
  • Readable measurements from either side
  • Highly visible fluorescent yellow color
  • Reads from 8" to 30" in 1/4" increments
  • Injection molded out of high impact polystyrene with UV protector
  • Holes at each end for quick leashing
  • If needed, the floating strips can be removed easily



Dimensions: 31.5" x 4" x 3"
Weight: 10-12 oz.


Need something to hold your new Hawg Trough securely? Try the YakAttack Hawg Trough Mounting Kit!

Product Videos

Hawg Trough Measuring Board - Pre-Lined and Floating (02:20)
Hawg Trough available at: http://www.fishingonline.com/hawg-trough-measuring-board-pre-lined-floating/ Fishing Online pro-staffer Blace Hutchens talks about the Hawg Trough measuring board. Anyone who has lined one of these boards, knows how tedious it can be. We do the lining and even add flotation so you don't have to! These boards have become the standard in CPR Kayak Tournaments and most trails/events require the lines to be darkened in so we decided to handle this for you. Give Blace's Facebook page a visit and like! https://www.facebook.com/thekayakanglersjournal Thanks for watching!
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Product Reviews

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  1. No better deal out there... Rating

    Posted by on

    As far as a bump board, there is no better deal out there. There are other boards out there for the same price...but who really wants to break out the Sharpie and "Goo-Off". Buy this board...you won't be disappointed!

  2. Very Nice Rating

    Posted by on

    Like that this comes with the foam already installed in the unit.

  3. measure up!!! Rating

    Posted by on

    a pre-lined board and it floats!!!! had to buy a second one for my wife, a must in the kayak tournament fishing,
    I still put a tag line on mine, help me retrieve it when I kick it into the water, saves paddling

  4. larger than i expected Rating

    Posted by on

    Lines are thick and dark, show up on my phone camera well. I like that is has flotation devices built in, but can be removed if you wish. It is bigger than I expected and I spent about an hour sitting in my kayak in the garage trying to figure out the logistics of storing, quick access, and using. I know they are all the same size regardless of who makes it, but it does present a challenge.

  5. The point is to measure Rating

    Posted by on

    Calibration needs to be more intensly painted with more resilient paint.

  6. As good as it gets Rating

    Posted by on

    I hate lining these boards myself and I break a few a season. Very glad to see someone will line them for me! The fact that is floats is an extra bonus. I highly recommend paying a few dollars to get this board.

  7. Bottom of ocean on maiden voyage. Rating

    Posted by on

    I was very excited to grab this trough since it was prelined and had the float inserts included. However, upon entry from btb action, I had a wave lift the back of my yak, turn it and do me over 15 yards away from the beach. Both inserts washed up onshore but the trough was lost. This product would definitely rate 5 stars if the inserts were glued or secured in the slots in some sort of fashion.

    Lesson learned, 20 bucks gone.

  8. Great for CPR Kayak Tournaments Rating

    Posted by on

    This board is light, floats, and the colors contrast very well for pictures taken of fish. It is also pliable enough to store under your leg or strapped to the kayak. A great product!

  9. Works great Rating

    Posted by on

    Sturdy measuring board.

  10. Pre-Lined Floating Hawg Trough Rating

    Posted by on

    This product makes the photos much easier to read when submitting for a tournament and the fact that it floats is a bonus!

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