Bonafide Kayaks - A First Look - Best New Fishing Kayak

Bonafide Kayaks - A First Look - Best New Fishing Kayak

UPDATE: The long-awaited Bonafide SS127 is now available! 

Bonafide Kayaks are the most anticipated fishing kayak to ever hit the market. These new kayaks will provide you with ultimate fishability. The anticipated ship date for the SS-127 is December 2017 and will cost $1,599. The SS-107 model will be available in 2018 and will cost $1,299.

Bonafide Kayaks - Dave Lefebre ICAST SS127

These kayaks are built from the ground up and manufactured in the USA. Everything from the hull, seat, padding, accessories, even down to the screws that come standard on this kayak are all 100% made in the USA! These kayaks will come in 4 different colors; Hondo Orange, True Grit Sand, Cool Hand Blue, and Top Gun Grey. Let's start by looking at the overall design of the kayak. It has a hybrid catamaran hull design which gives it superior stability, making standing a breeze. The names of the kayaks explain themselves. The SS in the name stands for "Sit/Stand", and the numbers describe the length of the boat. Therefore, the SS-127 is going to be 12 feet 7 inches long, and the SS-107 is going to be 10 feet 7 inches long. Every piece was taken into deep consideration during development. The handles have rubber on the belly of them, giving comfort and grip when lifting. The back handle has the same rubber but also can tuck back under the kayak and out of the way. The front hatch features "Doubleheader" hinges so it can be opened from the front or the back. This allows you to easily store your paddle and fishing rods inside the kayak. The seat, besides being one of the most comfortable kayak chairs I have ever sat in, is designed to easily transition from high to ultra-high and has a "junk drawer" that slides out from underneath it for tackle management. The drawer can slide in and out because it is on a Geartrac system. Bonafide kayaks come to us from the same creator of YakAttack, Luther Cifers, so it is no surprise that the best of the best of YakAttack is included on these boats. Geartracs allow the under-the-seat-drawer to slide out smoothly and quietly. Geartracs are also featured on the foot pedals, which allows for a foot controlled rudder system. The back tank well is designed to fit the YakAttack Blackpak both longways and sideways so you can choose which way to strap it down with the provided bungees. The bungees even come with special quickclips that are designed to mount right on to the Blackpak. Paddle and rod management on the Bonafide's is done by using a strap that doubles as a paddle keeper and rod organizing station to lay your fishing rods on. The grooves in the front hatch allow your paddle and rods to lay naturally along the front of the boat and back to your chair.

Besides the difference in length, what are some of the notable differences between the SS-127 and the SS-107? First off, the SS-127 will come with 4 more Geartracs (2 in the front and 2 in the back). The front hatch will be shorter on the smaller kayak; therefore, the opening is smaller in size. Lastly, the back of the 127 is Power Pole ready while the 107 is not. 

Here is side by side comparison of the specs of these 2 awesome kayaks:

Pre-Production Specifications:























These boats boast a ton of features that will make your day out on the water that much more fun and efficient. Here are some more of the highlighted features:

Hybrid cat hull design

Sliding under-the-seat junk drawer

Multiple rod and paddle management points

HiRise seating with ultra-high bass boat like position

PerchPads for additional standing position on top of the gunwhales

Doubleheader hinges integrated with Bow Hatch and DryPod

Bow Hatch with rod management channels

Boss Strap rod management system

Fat Grip bow handle w/ comfort insert

Fat Grip retractable stern handle w/ comfort insert

YakAttack Geartracs

Low Profile deck fittings

SeatRack positioning system

Omni Hook stern tankwell tie-down system

Deck traction

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