Kayak Fishing

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YakAttack Paddle Holder [Desert Sand]
YakAttack Paddle Holder
From $11.99 $16.95
YakAttack Through Hull Wiring Kit - keeps wires safe
YakAttack Anchor Trolley [Standard]
YakAttack Anchor Trolley
From $26.99 $36.95
Bending Branches Angler Pro Paddle
YakAttack GearTrac SpectraLite [4" Black]
YakAttack GT Cleat

Fishing Online offers a wide selection of kayak fishing gear. Whether you are a beginner in kayak fishing or an expert, we carry everything that you need to get out on the water and start catching fish. We carry the top brands for mounts and accessories so that you can rig up your yak just the way that you like it. Want a new kayak or maybe something a little bit different? Shop our kayak section to find premium fishing kayaks.

We carry YakAttackNRS, Bonafide Kayaks, and many other premium brands. YakAttack is quickly becoming a leader in the kayak fishing industry. They have a huge selection of mounts and accessories so you can find products that will work with every kayak on the market. If there is one thing that kayak fishermen like, it's customizing their yak and catching fish. We can help with both!

Find products to mount fishfinders, tether pliers and other tools, or mount personal accessories like smartphones. We have a large selection of storage containers to fit almost anywhere you like. We have a rod holder for virtually any style of fishing that you like to do. Need a new paddle? Check out our paddle selection! Make sure to grab the right length paddle so you can paddle longer distances without becoming tired. Try to pick out the lightest and strongest paddle so you can fish all day without being exhausted.

Make sure to stay safe out on the water with our selection of safety gear and visibility section. We carry everything from air horns to visibility flags. It is unfortunate that other boaters may not be very watchful, so have these items on your kayak in order to be seen and also in case of emergency. Have measures set in place to help avoid collisions so you can enjoy a relaxing day of fishing from your yak!