TackleWorkz (Cal Coast Fishing)

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Designed for fishermen by fishermen! Tame your tackle with useful and practical fishing products manufactured by TackleWorkz (Cal Coast Fishing). If there's a problem, they're working on a solution! You'll find Cal Coast products resolve, for all level anglers, tackle-related solutions to everyday issues you experience while fishing. Some may try to duplicate TackleWorkz's innovative products, but none can replicate the uniqueness of their big bass fishing products nor their terminal tackle management products. 

The TackleWorkz (Cal Coast Fishing) mission is simple: to design and manufacture easy-to-use fishing products and fishing tackle that improves each customer's fishing experience. And that is precisely what they do! Products such as the Battle Box give anglers a practical, customized tackle box, while the Bait Sack Lure Protector and Cali Clips bring lure and tackle organization and safety straight to your rod! The Money Beam has your back when money is on the line, giving tournament anglers a fast, effective way to identify their five largest catches. And the Donkey Leash Fish Keeper provides a solution to the lack of livewell during Kayak Fishing. Whatever your style of fishing, TackleWorkz solution-driven products will help take your fishing game from good to great!