Electronic Mounts

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Mount your electronics with confidence. Pick a mount for your Go Pro, camera, fish finder, or other electronic devices. If you are mounting a fish finder, check out the YakAttack CellBlok.  The CellBlok is a battery box for your kayak that you use to mount your fish finder and transducer. This simplifies rigging a fish finder onto your kayak and it makes the fish finder portable from one boat to another. If you own 2 kayaks, go ice fishing, or also own a boat, then this product will make your life much easier. Simply slide the CellBlok off your kayak and onto your boat.

Here at Fishing Online, we carry kayak mounts that can be used to mount your iPhone or other smartphones. Got a tablet that you want to mount? Check out the YakAttack Universal X-Grip Mount. This mount comes in different sizes so you can mount your iPhone and iPad mini right to the deck of your boat.