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Onyx manufactures reliable and dependable outdoor recreational products like rainwear, inflatable life jackets, pet vests, apparel, and much more. Onyx also specializes in ice fishing apparel using ArcticShield heat retention technology which includes gloves, hats, and bibs. Onyx is under the Absolute Outdoor, Inc. company which is located in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.

Safety, quality, and reliability are the main performance measures that Onyx strives for in all of their products. At Onyx, they are continually doing research and development to ensure that their products are staying at the top of any new criteria or concerns that may arise. They like to engage with their customers, dealers, manufacturers, as well as any professionals that wear their gear. Going straight to the people gives them the best and most honest feedback so they know exactly what is working and what is not. By doing this, they are creating products that are tailored to what the customer is asking for and are willing to make changes if a majority of people are asking for something different! That is what makes a quality company - when they ask and truly listen to the consumers wants and needs!