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Rapala CrushCity Mayor [Albino Shad]
Rapala Lock N Hold Rod Rack [PGRH-6]

Rapala has been at the top of the fishing lure game since 1936 when it was founded as a company. This brand is has created a large number of go-to lures for pro fishermen! Since their founding, this company has expanded into creating not only lures, but fillet knives and other tools and accessories that are used worldwide by fishermen. This company has made it to the top by using all of the knowledge that their employees and professional anglers have, and putting it into each and every product they manufacture and sell. Every lure is still created by hand and tested out in a tank before they put their stamp of approval on them, so you can be sure you are getting the best products out there.

In the early 1930's a little boy growing up in Finland realized that big fish would eat little fish, and in particular, would eat the little fish that were wounded because they moved the slowest and were the easiest catch. From the very first lure that Lauri Rapala ever created to the numerous lures that are created by this company today, there is no question why this name is known worldwide. The wiggling and wobbling action of the lures are what mimics the wounded small fish, and that in turn drives the big fish crazy!

These Rapala fishing lures are a sure fire way to make sure you enjoy your day out on the water and have a great story to tell afterwards. The Original Floating Rapala has repeatedly helped catch more big fish than any other lure available. They have created a number of trout fishing lures that are consistently landing fish. Coming from a company that creates and manufactures over 20 million lures each year, you know when you reach for that Rapala lure that you are going to be in for the trip of a lifetime (and hopefully the catch of a lifetime too)! To this day, there is no other brand of lure that holds more world records than Rapala, and if that doesn't assure you of the quality and prestige of this brand, then I don't know what will!