Aqua Bound

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Aqua Bound was created in 1991 by a man named Joe Matuska out of Surry, British Columbia. Joe's love of paddlesports began much earlier in his life, though. In 1973 he was gifted his first-ever kayak paddle and quickly learned that the quality of that paddle was not the best. Joe went to the drawing board to figure out how to fix his damaged paddle. That small hobby turned into a long career in the world of paddlesports, and Aqua Bound was born. Hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellent customer service quickly launched Aqua Bound into the leading spot for plastic-bladed paddles in all aspects of paddle sports. Branches LLC purchased Aqua Bound in 2008 and relocated their facilities to Wisconsin and have been making their high-quality paddles in that location ever since. Aqua Bound has made a tremendous impact in the paddlesports industry, and their top-notch quality has only gotten better over the years. You can expect nothing but the best when you are out on the water using your Aqua Bound paddle!