Native Watercraft Kayaks

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There’s nothing like the view from the water – About Native Watercraft.

Native believes it's not a bad gig, designing and building kayaks, hybrids, and accessories that get people out in the natural world.

As busy and crowded as the world seems, there are still tranquil places to explore, wildlife to encounter, moments to photograph, and fish to stalk, catch and release. These places often exist in our own backyards. And there’s no better way to discover them than in a Native Watercraft.

Most of the Native staff have been knocking around water and the outdoors as a passion and a career for the better part of their lives. There are decades of boat-building knowledge behind your Native Watercraft and a passion for paddling’s history and its future.

The newest materials and techniques always get their attention. That’s how they get to breakthrough ideas like First Class Seating, Adapt-A-Track, Propel Pedal Drive, and Ultimate Tegris, ideas that elevate the experience, add performance and increase user comfort.

Native Watercraft feels just as fortunate that they get to do their thing in North Carolina. There’s great white water in the mountains west, salt marshes and the Outer Banks east, and lots of good lakes in the middle. Better still, they get to work with amazing local talent and partner with domestic suppliers. While they love our global family, our first obligation is to their neighbors.

Of course, without a clean environment, paddling has no future. They are committed to taking their environmental impact as close to zero as they can get. The vast majority of components in Native kayaks can be recycled at the end of their usefulness.