Daiwa Tatula Review by Nate Rees

Daiwa Tatula Review by Nate Rees

I've been using the Daiwa Tatula LT series of spinning reels for almost three years now. I own several in all the different sizes from 1000-2500. From skipping wacky rigs underneath bushes/limbs, to crawling a shakey head over a deep rock pile, to chasing trout with lightweight tackle, these reels have performed amazing and really exceeded my expectations. I can definitely say these are the nicest and best spinning reels that I have ever fished.

Below are a quick rundown of a few of the highlights of the LT series.

I’ll start with the Drag: The drag on these reels are hands down the best I have ever used. You can make the smallest of adjustments on the fly and really dial them in for fighting fish of all sizes. My 1000 series has been excellent on my ultralight rod paired for trout. It has also been great when fighting bass on light gear while drop shorting. Quick boat side runs from feisty smallmouth aren’t always easy to handle and this reel has done just that and done it with ease.

Next up I’ll dive into the durability/functionality of these reels. I've put this reel through its paces that’s for sure. I’m not easy on gear and fish out of all different types of boats (raft, kayak, bass boat). So my reels see their fair share of rough times on the water. So far the LT’s haven’t let me down or failed me. LT stands for light and tough and this reel definitely lives up to that branding.

Don’t let the price tag of these reels scare you, these reels perform at a much higher level than the price shows. They are well worth the money and if something were to go wrong you have Diawa’s great service department that stands behind their products and can always get a issue taken care of.

Grab one and get out on the water to see for yourself!


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