Fishing Team Spotlight: Lee Potter

Fishing Team Spotlight:  Lee Potter

Lee Potter doesn't consider himself the typical tournament bass fisherman. He runs a small weeknight kayak fishing tournament for the East Tennessee Kayak Anglers club, but that is as far as he goes with tournaments. He is more focused on learning the patterns and puzzles of catching bass and then teaching anyone interested in what he has learned in his time on the water.

1) What is your favorite fishery, and why?
I would have to say that my favorite fishery is a small river here named The Little River. It flows out of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, through farmland, and ends in Fort Loudoun Lake. The reason I like it so much is that it was where I grew up fishing, so I have many memories of fishing there with friends, and I still enjoy it every chance I'm on it.
Lee Potters favorite place to fish

2) When it comes to weather, do you prefer warmer days or cooler days, and why?
I prefer warmer days in general. The reason is that I prefer to fish with more reaction type baits and topwater baits. These baits typically work better when the fish are shallow.

3) What is your all-time favorite setup (rod, reel, line, bait)?
My favorite rod and reel set up would be a medium-heavy fast-action spinning rod with a 12# test line. My current go-to is an Abu Garcia rod, Okuma reel, and Stren line.

4) Are you more of a river angler or a lake angler?
Although I have spent more time on lakes, I prefer to fish rivers. I am comfortable on either, though.

5) What does preparing for a tournament look like for you? From scouting locations to watch the weather to the baits you’re choosing, etc….let us know!
My tournament prep is pretty straightforward. Basically, I make sure to charge my batteries and have whatever lures I think will work that day. I make almost all of my spinnerbaits, buzz baits, and jigs. Sometimes, I will make a few custom baits tailored to the conditions.

6) Even though it may depend on the time of year, and what the water looks like, do you have a favorite color to throw no matter what?
White. I tend to use more white than any other color in most conditions during any time of year.

7) What is one suggestion you have for anyone that is looking just to start getting with kayak fishing?
Don't get discouraged.  There are no sure things in kayak fishing, from equipment selections to fishing styles or locations, learn what works for you.

8) Besides the obvious (paddle, PFD, rods & reels, baits), what is one thing that you always have on your kayak with you?
Yoda haha. He's my good luck charm. My youngest daughter gave me a Yoda sticker for my first kayak, and I had a great year, so now he's along for the ride every time I go out onto the water.

9) Do you have a favorite accessory, and is there any particular reason that is your favorite?
My Raymarine Dragonfly depth finder. It is my favorite because it has all the info from depths, temps, maps.
Fish Finders

10) If you are struggling on tournament day, what is something that you do to try and change that?
Do a complete turnaround in whatever I am doing. Go from big baits to small, shallow water to deep, fast fishing to slow. Most of the time, a simple switch can change results.

11) What made you want to get into kayak fishing in the first place?
My wife bought a small kayak, and one day I thought it would be the perfect thing to take to the river to get through deep spots. We always used to wade in the shallows and get out in deep spots. It worked great, and I have had one ever since.

12) What is one of your goals for the 2020 season?
I want to fish for fun more often. Tournaments are great, but I like to explore new areas and try new things in a relaxed way.

13) Where is your dream fishing spot?
Probably Reelfoot lake. It was formed by an earthquake and is covered in Cyprus trees. It just looks like it would be an awesome place to fish.

14) If you could spend a day fishing with anyone, who would it be? (this can be someone you know, a professional angler, anyone!)
Bill Dance. He is my favorite angler because he catches everything and doesn't limit himself.

15) Do you have a favorite technique to use, or are you comfortable with many different ones and switch it up depending on the day/location?
My favorite technique is flipping a big jig in thick cover, but I am comfortable and confident with about any technique. I always switch it up unless there is a pattern that is producing consistently.

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