Fishing the SteelShad Blade Bait

Fishing the SteelShad Blade Bait


The SteeShad blade bait is a super versatile lure that you need to add to your arsenal. Coming in multiple colors and 3 different sizes ranging from 3 and ¾ inches down to 1 and ¾ inches, this lure can be used to target any of your favorite species. Although this bait was specifically designed for vertical jigging, it can be used in a variety of ways that we will discuss in this blog.

SteelShad Sizes

Setup to Use

First, let us start off what rod, reel, and the line we like to use:

Rod: 6'10" 13 Fishing Muse Black Medium Heavy with Moderate Action (cranking rod)
Reel: 13 Fishing Concept Z (7.1:1 or 8.1:1)
Line: Sufix 10 lb. Fluorocarbon

The cranking rod is forgiving for the treble hooks so they don’t pull from the fish’s mouth and the high-speed reel allows you to work this bait as fast as you can while still being able to slow down if the fish call for it.

When to Fish It

Many anglers only throw blade baits in the colder months and in freshwater and we’re here to say, those anglers are missing out on some prime opportunities! Predatory fish eat baitfish all year round and this lure mimics baitfish, in other words, they will always hit a SteelShad! For those that fish saltwater, where treble hooks are illegal, switch out the SteelShad’s trebles with single J hooks. This is also a great trick for freshwater anglers to help work this lure through weeds more efficiently.

Steel Shad Fish

How to Fish It

The main way to fish a SteelShad is to vertical jig it in deep water however, anglers should vary their retrieve up. You can work this lure like a crankbait, a lipless crank, a worm, a spoon, and more. You’ll notice on the SteelShad that there are two holes in the top of the lure. When using the front hole as the attachment point, the lure runs a bit flatter with less vibration. This is ideal for working the bait in a cast and retrieve style, like how you would work a lipless crankbait. When using the default back hole, the SteelShad has a more dramatic wobble with a ton of vibration which is ideal for vertical jigging. Other ways to work this bait are to throw it out and let it sink to the bottom. Then, work in short drags and hops, similar to how you would work a worm. Whether you are fishing pressured fish and want to give them a new look or fishing a school and want to get them fired up, the SteelShad is a great choice!

Customize It

The SteelShad is a blade that can be fished effectively in any depth of water. From 6" - 60", it can truly do it all! If you're fishing shallow rivers and creeks, you manipulating your blade to get it to swim on its side. With your fingers, simply bend a 45-degree angle in the blade, roughly at the 'D.' Cast it out and let it sink to the bottom. When you start to reel, the blade will come up towards the surface of the water and swim erratically to one side, perfectly imitating an injured baitfish. After a few casts, if you want it to swim straight and true again, simply rebend with your fingers.

Customize your SteelShad

As an added bonus be sure to check out Dave Lefebre's top 5 baits for fishing Presque Isle Bay where he says the SteelShad blade bait is one of them!

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