Greatest Guide to Fishing With Streamers

Greatest Guide to Fishing With Streamers

One type of fishing that has truly grown in the past several years is a type of fly fishing known as streamer fishing. This method involved a much larger fly than the standard one and will utilize a fast action rod in order to get the best results out of your expeditions.

For the fisherman going after some larger trout, this is one of the best methods to catching more on the water. If you are wanting to get into streamer fishing, we have a few tips and tricks to getting you off on the right foot.


Just like any traditional fishing excursion, having the right equipment is one of the biggest keys to success. While it is preferred that you have yourself a 6 or 7 fast action rod, you can also get away with a 3 to 5 weight rod as long as you are making the correct streamer pattern. The smaller the rod, the smaller the size of your streamer needs to be.

As far as your fly is concerned, streamer fishing is a great place where you can mix them up. From swapping out different sizes and colors throughout the day, you can find what works well on the fish and what doesn't. Don't be afraid to keep things versatile on the water when you are streamer fishing as this may lead to more success.



More than any other style, being patient when you are streamer fishing is one of the most important things to focus on. When you are casting, it is crucial that you let the line hang out in the water and let the fish investigate. Whether you hit your spot on the water or not, the worst thing you can do is pull your line out of the water too quickly. By doing this, you may spook the fish or pull it right before they were about to bite. By being patient and letting the fly sit in the water longer, you can greatly increase your chance of success.

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Get Rid of the Leader

When you are streamer fishing, the first thing the fish needs to see is the fly itself, not the line or the leader. By simply using two or three feet of fluorocarbon, you can present the fly to the fish in the best way possible without having things like the leader around in the water to cause any unnecessary distractions.

Switch Up Your Tactics

As far as your casting and spot hitting is concerned, don't be afraid to switch up your methods and be more versatile. Throw the fly in at different angles or faster and slower to see if the fish react to different activities better or worse. This will allow you to find that successful niche and use it to your advantage.

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  • John Harley