How Does the Weather Affect Fishing

How Does the Weather Affect Fishing

As the spring and summer approach, fisherman begin to come out in droves to hit the water for one of America's favorite past times. While the nicer weather is certainly the more appealing time to break out your fishing rod and tackle box, you can take to the water in any kind of weather, but keep in mind that different conditions will have a different effect on fish and will determine how successful you are in catching fish that day. So what weather affects how fish react and how can you adapt? We have a few simple tips and tricks to be aware of and learn so you can be successful every time you go out.

No matter what you are fishing for, different weather is going to affect the fish and how successful you are in reeling them in. Obviously the sunny and warm conditions are the most comfortable for the fishermen themselves, as these are the days where you will see more and more at the lakes and ponds. These kinds of days however can offer great camouflage for the fish, as the sun reflecting off the water creates a shiny glare, making it difficult for the fishermen to see the fish beneath the water. In these conditions, focus on shaded areas where fish are more likely to migrate to in order to stay out of the heat.

Cloudy and overcast days are also common conditions to find in the spring, making the middle of the day an ideal time to hit your favorite fishing spot. Around noon or so, the lighting resembles that of the morning or night during clear weather, often prime time slots for reeling in lots of fish. Go for shallow water and areas where weeds are growing if you want to hit the hot spots for fish.

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When there is a slight rain or drizzle, this is an ideal time to hit the water. If you are fishing for bass, capitalize on the use of jerkbaits and topwaters in deeper waters as the rain drops can help lure the bass to the surface, giving you are great opportunity to score a good amount of fish.

For the angler going after big game fish, keep your eye out for days where heavy rains in the forecast. The more aggressive game will typically migrate to the shallow waters, giving you a great opportunity to get them to bite and bring in an impressive haul.

What conditions are your favorite to fish in? What methods have been the most successful for you in rougher weather? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! 

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  • John Harley