How To Cast a Spinning Reel

How To Cast a Spinning Reel

The sport of fishing may seem very simple on the surface, but this is easily one of the most detailed and intricate sports around when you really get into it. From fly fishing to simple and traditional casting into a pond or lake, to the growing trend of kayak fishing, there are many different elements to master if you want to be an excellent fisherman. If you are looking to step your fishing up to the next level, one of the skills you should focus on mastering is the casting of a spinning reel. This staple of traditional fishing is a great way to haul in more fish and make it all the more enjoyable. If you are struggling to master this technique, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to follow.

Before you hit the water, a great way to master this strategy is to go to an open area of grass and practice you release. Once you have tied on a practice plug, tied your know and set the drag on the pole, you are ready to go. You should always wield the rod with you dominant hand so you can have more control over it. With the line extending out of the reel, pin the line against the bottom of the rod with your index finger. Once you have pulled the ball out on the rod, you are ready to cast.

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Raise the rod vertically and flick it back so you get a little bend or lag in the pole itself, then cast the rod out toward your target while releasing the line with your index finger all in one fluid motion to insure the furthest and most accurate cast possible.

When it comes to casting a spinning lure, there are also several release techniques that can equate to either more distance or better accuracy, whichever you are looking for. If you are wanting more distance with the overhead cast, which is the motion discussed earlier with the rod raised up vertically and thrown out as far as you can. If you are needing to cast out over a shorter amount of space or looking for some closer rang accuracy, pitching is the ideal casting technique for you. This method involved you raising the rod vertically, but allowing enough line so the lure reaches down to the reel. After grabbing the lure with your opposite hand, lower the rod and flick it out, releasing the lure and sending it to your mark.

What casting technique is your favorite or most successful? Be sure to let us know in the comments! Happy fishing!

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  • John Harley