How to Catch Pike

How to Catch Pike

If you find yourself fishing in the northern part of the United States or very southern regions of Canada, one of the more popular fish you may be going after is northern pike.

The best time of the year to go after these fish is typically in May in these regions as they have recovered from spawning and are typically found in abundance in the shallower windows.

These potentially aggressive fish can be a task to handle so it is best to come fully prepared with all the correct gear and knowing what to expect.

What Gear to Bring

No matter what kind of game fish you are going after, using the right gear is essential to reeling in as many as you possibly can.

When going after the northern pike, the first thing to consider is the type of rod you are going to be using. These fish are strong and can really put up a fight, so investing in a longer rod with medium to heavy action is ideal for handling the strength and speed of the pike but can still give you the feel and control that you need.

As far as the line you should be using, a monofilament or braided fishing line that can handle anywhere from 20 to 50 pounds is going to be the ideal investment for this type of fishing.

Bait and Lures

Pike on Lure

Just like any other fish, the pike tends to go after certain bait over others. When going after this game fish, the best option to have in your arsenal is live bait. These predators tend to be more attracted to smaller fish such as minnows, making these the ideal bait to use on the end of your line. You can however, still use dead bait and find a great deal of success.

While the pike enjoys feeding on the smaller fish, these scavenger fish will essentially bite at anything you put into the water, which is why both live and dead bait will typically be very successful.

As far as colors are concerned on your lures, pike usually go after yellow, white, and a lighter red as they can resemble the smaller fish they usually hunt.

Different types of lures you can use to hunt pike include, but are not limited to:

  • In-Line Spinner: These lighter lures can be cast out a long ways so you can hit spots that are further out of reach where the pike might be lurking. This tool also contains more blades on it which can really reflect off of the water and sunlight, making them a very attractive piece for the game fish to go after.
  • Spinnerbait: This classic lure is perfect in a white form that features a twist tail as it possesses a lot of action that the pike is easily attracted to.
  • Surface Plug: If you are utilizing topwater lures, you can't go wrong with a surface plug. With styles that resemble small minnows, these lures are a great attraction for the pike to go after.

Follow these simple tips and you should be reeling in the northern pike in no time.

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  • John Harley