How to Catch Smallmouth Bass

How to Catch Smallmouth Bass

You asked for a more in-depth look at the techniques used on Erie Extreme TV, so we've partnered with Dave Lefebre and the rest of the crew to bring you a new segment called In-Depth Look! We're breaking down on the main products and techniques featured in each segment to help diehard fishing fanatics like yourself learn tips and tricks straight from the pros!

Check out this week's In-Depth Look at How to Catch Small Mouth Bass:
Fishing for Small Mouth Bass with crankbaits

The two best methods to catch smallmouth bass is to 1) utilize a Senko bait on a drop-shot and 2) use a crankbait. Any depth and model crankbait can work, but for the Spring and Fall, Dave recommends using a shallow-running crankbait for the best smallmouth results! Here's a breakdown of Dave's favorite crankbaits:

-Storm Arashi Squarebill
-Rapala Scatter Rap
-Rapala DT4
-Rapala BRAT

Although all four are effective, hands-down Dave's favorite is the BRAT. It's available in two models:  the 03 which dives 3 feet, and the 06 which dives 6 feet. Despite the BRAT being a Balsa bait, it's compact and casts really well. The BRAT is available in a ton of great colors, but Dave is partial to using the Minnow, Craw, and Chartreuse patterns.

The perfect way to fish the BRAT is to make long casts and retrieve the bait at a high speed, so your rod and reel setup is important. Here's a look at Dave's setup when he's fishing the BRAT:
Rod:  13 Fishing Defy Black / 7'1" Cranking Rod / Moderate Action
Reel:  13 Fishing Concept Z Baitcaster / 7.3:1 or the 13 Fishing Origin / 7.3:1
Line:  Sufix Invisiline Fluorocarbon / 10-12 lb test
Terminal Tackle:  VMC Snap / Size #1
In-Depth View Snapshot

Small mouth bass love rocky bottoms, such as points, shallow bars, and even rocky shorelines. This is what makes shallow cranking so effective! Not only is it fun, but it's also a great way to cover a large amount of water. We hope that you've enjoyed these tips and tricks and can use them next time you hit the water!

You can utilize discount code ERIEEXTREMETV to receive 20% OFF most of the products featured in this segment. We hope you've enjoyed this week's In-Depth Look! Tight lines and as always, Fish On!

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