How to Fish for Gar

How to Fish for Gar

You asked for a more in-depth look at the techniques used on Erie Extreme TV, so we've partnered with Dave Lefebre and the rest of the crew to bring you a new segment called In-Depth Look! We're breaking down on the main products and techniques featured in each segment to help diehard fishing fanatics like yourself learn tips and tricks straight from the pros!

Check out this week's In-Depth Look at How to Fish for Gar:
How to Fish For Gar

There's no doubt that there are many different tactics and techniques when it comes to catching Gar, but here's a recap of Danny Jones and Dave Lefebre's experience. It's always a toss-up whether you're going to find Gar in shallow or deep water, but one consistent element is that the fish are always schooled together. Often you can actually see their swells on top of the water when they are in big schools.

When the fish are located near the surface, you can get away with using a simple hook and a bobber a few inches above your hook. A Gar's mouth is all bone, making it difficult to properly set the hook. After trial and error with multiple different single and treble hooks, Danny and Dave came to the conclusion that no matter what hook you use, it's inevitable that you'll lose some.

When using live bait to fish for Gar, emerald and golden shiners are a great go-to. Also, a great all-purpose spinning rod and reel will do the trick. Despite Gar's sharp teeth, it's not necessary to use a steel leader. And your shiners are going to be very light, so you'll need to pair your reel with a very light, braided line. Here's a snapshot of the equipment setup Danny and Dave are using in this week's In-Depth Look:
Hook:  VMC Wacky Hook Size #1
Float:  Sport Fisher Weighted Bobber
Reel:  13 Fishing #2000 Creed X
Rod:  13 Fishing 7 ft DEFY Medium Rod
Line:  Sufix Nano Braid 10 lb Camo

Gar move quickly, so you could spend your entire day chasing them around, however, if you stay in one spot and you're using the right bait, the Gar will come right to you. When they finally grab onto your bait, let them run with it before trying to set the hook. Their mouths are very long, so you need to give them time to actually get it down into their mouth, or you won't be able to set the hook. Once you've set the hook, take your time reeling it in; don't rush it because Gar fights really hard and jump high. Be careful when you finally get them in the boat, or to shore, because they have extremely sharp teeth. We recommend wearing gloves at any time handling Gar.
In-Depth Look Snapshot

Gar fishing is extremely fun, and something the entire family can do, so get out there and hit the water!

You can utilize discount code ERIEEXTREMETV to receive 20% OFF most of the products featured in this segment. We hope you've enjoyed this week's In-Depth Look! Tight lines and as always, Fish On!

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