How to Hook and Weight a Fishing Pole

How to Hook and Weight a Fishing Pole

If it is your first time fishing, there may be a lot more elements that factor into the process than you originally realize. From picking out the right bait and lures for different types of fish, to selecting the right pole and reel combination, there are many things to take into account when creating the perfect setup. If you have not been fishing long, or maybe it is your first time out, weighting a fishing pole and securing the hook to it make be foreign territory. For the first time fisher, here are some helpful tips and tricks to get you setup for success in your fishing endeavors.

For the first time fisherman, fishing with a sinker or weighted line may seem like a strange or unfamiliar style of fishing, but it can prove to be a very successful type of fishing that can really reel in more fish with the attractive aesthetics of the hook and sinker. Hooking and weighting a line can be a tricky task, so figuring out the right way to do it is key to your success.

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Tying the right knot and securing the hook to the line is the first step in successfully setting up your fishing line and pole. A clinched knot is one of the simplest and best ones you can use for securing a hook to the end of your line, and mastering this one is a great thing to do in order to be successful on your fishing trips. The first element of this knot is to feed about 6 inches of line through the eye of the hook and feed it back alongside the line. You should then wrap the line around the hook several times to hold it down tightly. You can then guide the line back through the loop formed as it creates a smaller loop as well. Pass the line through the larger loop now and tie the line tight and cut the extra line.

When adding the weight to the line, apply the sinkers roughly a foot and a half above the hook itself. Pass the line through the opening of the sinker and pinch it shut tightly with either your hand or a pair of pliers to make sure it is fastened as securely as possible. Once you have the hook tied and the sinker secured, you are ready to hit the water. Make sure everything is in place before casting, and happy fishing!

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