Kayak of the Month: Jackson Kayak Cuda 12

Kayak of the Month: Jackson Kayak Cuda 12

The sport of kayak fishing is one that has taken off in a big way over the past few years and hasn't shown many signs of slowing down. If you are getting into this sport, investing in a high quality kayak is an essential first step for those really wanting to get serious about fishing with this style. If you are getting into the sport, one of the best models available on the market today is the Jackson Kayak Cuda 12 from Jackson Kayak. An innovative leader in design and performance, this kayak stands out from the crowd as one of the best products of its kind.

Much like the Cuda 14 from Jackson Kayak, the 12 is a smaller version that is ideal for lakes, rivers, and oceans as it is a little easier to maneuver for the fisherman. Known as the best "all around" model available from Jackson, the Cuda 12 has some of the best features of any kayak on the market today while being one of the most functional and efficient out there. Some of the big features available with this kayak include rod tip covers, side and rear tackle stagers, a center storage hatch with fish cooler accessory, and a rear seating position which creates more room for you than any other kayak.

This outstanding model comes complete with two combo bulkhead/flat surface base with a plunger for spline posts, RAM 2007 rod holder, rod tip cover on the bow, even a GoPro mount for the fisherman looking to capture all there feats on video. Weighing at just 68 pounds with a length of 12 feet-6 inches and width of 31 inches, this is easily one of the best mobile kayaks on the market today as the shorter and lighter body allows for easy storage and great agility on the water.

One of the best features about the Cuda 12 is the new Elite Seat 2.0 specifically from Jackson's Kayak. Creating one of the most durable and comfortable seating experiences on any kayak around. With a state of the art ergonomic design and the one of a kind Therm-aRest lumbar pad to create one of the most luxurious and functional seats on the market today.

If you are looking to get serious about kayak fishing, look no further than the Cuda 12 to meet all your kayak fishing needs. The ideal combination of function and style, this is the perfect kayak for anyone.

Jackson Cuda 12

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  • John Harley