Tips for Bass Fishing with Live Bait

Tips for Bass Fishing with Live Bait

You asked for a more in-depth look at the techniques used on Erie Extreme TV, so we've partnered with Dave Lefebre and the rest of the crew to bring you a new segment called In-Depth Look! We're breaking down on the main products and techniques featured in each segment to help diehard fishing fanatics like yourself learn tips and tricks straight from the pros!

Check out this week's In-Depth Look at Bass Fishing with Live Bait:
Tips for Bass Fishing with Live Bait
Bass fishing with live bait? Here are some tips straight from Dave Lefebre on how to maximize your hook-ups! First, make sure you hook your bait correctly. One of the main keys to successful live bait fishing is to make sure you bait stays alive, so it's recommended to skin-hook them through the lips or just under the dorsal fin, just make sure not to go too deep. A rule of thumb for your hook gap is that it should match the width of the baitfish that you are using. Dave's go-to hooks are the VMC Wacky Hooks. He uses a #4 for small shiners when Crappie or Perch fishing, and up to a 3/0 when Walleye fishing.

Second, Bobbers and Floats are great tools to utilize when live bait fishing. They provide extra weight for casting and indicate when you are getting a bite. Dave prefers to use the smallest float possible, so as not to alert the biting fish to something unnatural.

Thirdly, it's important to use a monofilament line, and not fluorocarbon, when bobber fishing, because of fluorocarbon line sinks and monofilament line floats. Dave will use anywhere from 4-12 lb test monofilament, depending upon the species you're fishing for. You can also use small weights to keep your bait down. Removable Split Shots work perfectly for this application.

Seeing a bobber go down can be one of the most exciting things in fishing, but try to resist the urge to set the hook too fast. Let the fish run with your bait to ensure that the bait is fully in its mouth, then pick up the line slack, set the hook and reel 'em in!

Lastly, you need a good spinning rod and reel. Dave suggests not compromising on your rods and reels just because of your live bait fishing. You can get high-quality spinning products for an extremely low price. Dave prefers to use the 13 Fishing Defy Rod and Creed K Reel for the ideal, all-purpose combo that is great for multiple different fishing applications.

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Thanks for reading our blog! We hope that these tips and tricks help fuel your success on the water. Now grab some friends and your gear and get out there and Fish On!


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