Smallmouth on the Whopper Plopper 75

Smallmouth on the Whopper Plopper 75

Topwater has always been my favorite way of catching a fish. Something about the visual strike on the surface has had me hooked ever since I was a young kid.

It’s no secret the past few years that the whopper plopper has been a hot bait. When they first surged onto the market places could hardly keep them in stock. Now that they have been able bump up production and keep up with demand you can usually find them readily available.

I’ve been fishing one for several years not mainly in the 90 and 110 sizes. It wasn’t until last year when I picked up the “new” 75 size and fell in love. That short little beefy bait just has a different sound to it and for me it’s been driving the fish crazy.

Nate with a Smallmouth Bass

I had not been on a good topwater bite all year. I had thrown it a lot and been able to get and off fish here or there but putting up big numbers or multiple big fish just had not been in the cards for me.

River Float for Smallies

Well luckily for me that all changed last Tuesday when a buddy of mine offered to row me down the river on a last minute float trip in the raft. We ended up boating 64 fish in a little over 4 hours with several very large smallmouth thrown in. Best part was I’d say about 40-50 of them were all on the surface!

Smallmouth Bass on Topwater

So if you haven’t tried the smaller size plopper I highly recommend it. You just never know what might blow up on your bait!

Thanks for reading and goodluck!

- Nate Rees

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