Shallow Water Crappie Fishing

Shallow Water Crappie Fishing

You asked for a more in-depth look at the techniques used on Erie Extreme TV, so we've partnered with Dave Lefebre and the rest of the crew to bring you a new segment called In-Depth Look! We're breaking down on the main products and techniques featured in each segment to help diehard fishing fanatics like yourself learn tips and tricks straight from the pros!

Check out this week's In-Depth Look at Shallow Water Crappie Fishing:
Shallow Water Crappie Fishing

Just after the ice-out, Crappie tend to hide in or be around some type of shallow water cover. That's why Dave Lefebre and Danny Jones like to head out on Pymatuning Lake to areas that have lily pad stems and stick-ups for some fun Crappie bobber fishing. For successful Crappie fishing during dingy-water conditions, you'll want to use bright colored baits, such as chartreuse. Here's a look at Dave and Danny's gear and set-up:
Bait:  Chartreuse Tubes and Grubs
Jig Head:  1/32 oz VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig Head
Rod:  13 Fishing Defy 7ft Light
Main Line:  Sufix Nanobraid 8lb Test
Leader:  10-12 ft Sufix ELITE Monofilament 4-6 lb test
Bobber:  Weighted Float; Push Button Tubular
Anchor:  Power-Pole Micro Anchor

Monofilament line floats, so it works better compared to the braided line when you're bobber fishing. To start your set-up, you'll have to set your bobber to the depth that your fishing. For example, in this week's segment, Dave and Danny are fishing in 2 feet of water, so they set their bobber at roughly 1.5 feet above the bait. And whether you're in a small boat or a kayak, Power-Pole Micro Anchors work really well for any shallow-water fishing conditions to keep you in the desired spot.

The retrieve technique is quite simple:  you just cast it out, let it sit, and give it a couple of twitches here and there to stir up some movement. When you get a bite the weighted float will either submerge under the water or pop up. After you get a bite, just set the hook and reel them in. Crappie are referred to as 'Paper Mouths,' because they have really thin lips, that's why it's always a good idea to have a fishing net nearby so you never lose one once you get it near the boat.

Dave and Danny don't deny that bobber fishing for Crappie is about as fun as it gets. And the best part is anyone can do it, so it's the perfect opportunity to get the whole family involved! So get out there and Fish On!

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