Slowing Down and Downsizing

Slowing Down and Downsizing

When the bite has gotten tough late this spring with these unusual cold fronts that have pushed through, I have found myself really slowing down and decreasing the profile size of my bait. I also try to focus on key features and structure that are in deeper water adjacent or close to spawning areas.

Three baits that have really helped me continue to put fish in the boat over the last several weeks (as these fronts have moved through) have been the Keitech Fat Swing Impact 2.8 swimbait on an underspin or a weedless Keitech Fine Guard Jig Head, the Keitech Tungsten Model 2 Football jig paired with a small Net Baits Paca Craw, and the Megabass OneTen Jr +1 jerkbait.

Each of these three baits has helped me put at least one 4+ pound fish in the kayak when the days have been tough. Not counting the several other quality bass that have came on them as well.

Slowing down and slowly working both the 2.8 Fat Impact and the small Tungsten Model 2 football jig across the bottom around rock and brush have been key.

The same has been applied to the Megabass OneTen Jr +1 as well. While not working it on the bottom per say, slowing my cadence down and adding a few extra long pauses between jerks have really helped me increase my number of bites. I also think fishing the smaller profile of the Jr. as a opposed to the standard OneTen has helped.

When the fishing is tough any little thing you can do to help increase the number of bites and opportunities is a good thing!

Hope these little tips can help you next time your out on the water and find yourself looking for a fish when the conditions are tough.

All these baits can be found on the website and I bet if you order them after reading this you’ll have them within a day or two to try out for yourself! Good luck out there and tight lines!

- Nate

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