Top 3 Fishing Myths

Top 3 Fishing Myths

If you’ve ever enjoyed the wonders of fishing, you’ve probably also heard quite a few myths about the subject. Beyond the typical, “I caught a fish this big” there are also other myths, that if you hold them to be true, could be limiting your enjoyment of such wonderfully relaxing activity and keep you from getting some great dinner options as well. We went to the net to find some of the most popular myths to debunk and we found our top three favorites to bring to you. Learn what’s true and what’s not and plan your next fishing trip with a little more confidence.

#1: You Can’t Fish During Off Season

One of the most prolific myths about fishing is that you can’t fish during off season. This article posted on, has a few things to say about that and the answers may make you start packing for your next fishing trip. Just because it’s not fishing season, doesn’t mean that fish stop eating or that you can’t go enjoy a day out on your boat and make a great catch for dinner. The trick is to know what the fish you’re looking for are doing. When the weather gets cold, but things haven’t iced over yet, the fish haven’t suddenly disappeared, they’ve just gone out a bit further and are a bit closer to the bottom. Changing your strategy and approach to meet the fish where they are will reap great benefits when it comes to your fishing experience and your ability to provide some fabulous fish dinner.

#2: Bass Become Dormant in Cold Water

If you’re a bass fan but cold weather has always deterred you from fishing for your favorite meal, then you’ll be very excited by this article by Steve Quinn for In the article he discusses several myths about fishing, but our favorite was his debunking of the myth that bass become dormant in the winter. Aside from anecdotal evidence of people catching bass even with lakes are frozen over, there’s now photographic evidence from underwater cameras that show the bass swimming in both shallow and deeper waters, and even coming in for their close up on the camera. You’ll want to get all the great information by  reading the full article here.

Fishing in the spring season



#3: Government is Micromanaging Fishing

In this article by Lee Crockett for, we get several fishing myths debunked, but one of the most surprising was the debunking of the myth that government is micromanaging fishing. When looking at it logically, the Magunson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act is only trying to limit fishing on species that are in trouble. The limits currently on these fish will relax over time as the populations grow and there’s not so much danger of wiping them out. The goal is to ensure that our children and their children and all the future generations will be able to enjoy fishing these species.

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