Top 3 Reasons to Go Fishing

Top 3 Reasons to Go Fishing

Aside from being a fun activity that gets you back to nature and gives you not only time to relax but also excitement when you catch something, fishing is good for you and for the economy. With a lot of flak going around by people who don’t understand how good fishing really is for the environment, economy and your health, we thought it would be helpful to find you some great articles on the benefits of fishing. Who knows maybe you’ll be able to get some non-fishing folk interested in this wonderful activity.

#1: Boosts the Economy

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of economic impact fishing has on the economy then you’ll want to read this article by Karen Brasher for According to the article, there’s a $727 million dollar positive impact enjoyed from fresh water fishing and over $46 million dollars in salt water fishing and that’s just for Mississippi. In addition, hunting and fishing related jobs add up to over 66,000. Between the benefit received from hunting and fishing license fees as well as the money spent on equipment the economy receives a fantastic boost from our nature loving friends. You’ll want to get all the great information on how fishing is a positive thing for our economy by  reading the full article here.

#2: Good for Your Health

If you’re ever in need for some good arguments on why you should be allowed to fishing, then you’ll definitely want to read this article by Spencer Durrant for Fishing is, in a very real way, good for your health. Depending on the kind of fishing you do, there are a lot of benefits you can mention in your argument. Fishing is good for relaxation and getting your head clear by being quiet and getting back to nature. It’s also can require quite a lot of physical activity from climbing and walking to your fishing spot, to the arm and shoulder work out you get casting the line and reeling in your catch. So the next time your spouse wants you to give up your fishing time, first try to invite them along so they too can learn to enjoy it, but if that doesn’t work, have them  read the entire article here so they know how important this activity is for your physical and mental health.

Spend time with family fishing

#3: Spend Time with the Family

Even if you’ve never fished a day in your life, this article by Apryl Parcher for will show you how to teach your kids how to fish, and of course you’ll also learn how to in the process. Learning how to fish is a very positive activity for children. It gets then interested in the outdoors and lets them experience nature at a very basic level. In addition, it gives them a better idea about how some food gets to their table. This article will give you step by step instructions on just how to teach your kids to fish and how to teach them about aquatic ecosystems.

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