Top 5 Fishing Terms You Might Not Know

Top 5 Fishing Terms You Might Not Know

The sport of fishing is known to many people around the world, but there are many technical terms out there that many anglers don't know about. From different types of baiting, to specific styles of casting and reeling in, here are some of the top terms you might not know about, and could help your fishing success down the road.

#1 Chumming

In this article from Ultimate Animals, they describe the strategy of chumming and how it is a scent trail that helps attract fish, specifically larger fish. You will usually see shark operators and research vessels using this method as they can attract the animals they are going after and bring them to them. To learn more about the strategy of chumming, you can  read the article in its entirety here.

#2 Trolling

This article from the International Game Fish Association gives the reader some great insight on how they can troll fish with bait and lures when going after big game fish. Figuring out where to position the bait behind your boat and how fast you should be trolling are two of the biggest factors to take into account, and this article answers those questions and more.  You can check out the full article on successful trolling speed and bait position here.


#3 Dry Fly Fishing

Dry fly fishing is one of the most recognizable fishing techniques, and is also one of the most difficult there is. In this article from the University of Kentucky, they discuss some of the general information about dry fly fishing, as well as some of the specific tactics to implement that will help the fish grab your lure out of everything else floating by. You can  check out the full article here.

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#4 Leader Line

In this article from Thundermist Fishing Tips, they discuss what exactly a leader line is, what sets it apart from other types of fishing, and when and where you should use it to have the most successful fishing experience possible.

#5 Tippet

Mastering the art of fly fishing can be a very difficult task, which is why the folks at Big Fish Tackle have decided to help you become the best fly fisher you can be. In this video, they explain the fly fishing tippet and how this smaller piece of fishing line helps lead the rest of your line and can help catch more fish in the process. You can check out the full video right here.

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