Topwater Fishing Tips

Topwater Fishing Tips

One of America's favorite past times is in full swing now, as fisherman will be hitting the lakes and ponds all around the country over the next several months. From the beginning fisherman to the professional angler, there is always some kind of new technique to learn in order to help you haul in more fish each time you hit the water. During the warmer months of the year, one of the best fishing strategies to participate in is top water bass fishing. If you are looking to master this technique, check out some of these helpful tips and tricks to help get yourself started.

The art of top water fishing is one of the best tactics you can implement into your skill set if you are wanting to haul in more bass this fishing season. The first thing to take into account when participating in top water bass fishing is the weather forecast. This method of fishing will work best if you go on a warmer day following the spawning season, typically from the late spring season into the early fall months. The warmer the water, the better. Aim for morning or dusk times as the fish will come up to the warmer weather early in the morning or into the evening as it cools off deeper down.

Picking out the proper bait and lure is the next most important aspect of finding success in your top water bass fishing adventures, and there are many different options to go for. Poppers or surface lures will arguably be the two most successful choices for you, as they perform the exact functions you need if you are going after fish at the surface. Poppers will make a sound as the lure hits the water, attracting fish to the surface to investigate. Surface lures on the other hand, are designed to look like common food that fish will go after on the water, making them an attractive bait option for any top water angler.

Finally, selecting the right equipment to handle catching the bass is the next important element of success. Using braid instead of traditional fishing line will both allow you to cast out farther, while giving you more strength when you pull the cord on a bite and fight to haul it in.

Are you an active top water fisherman? What are some of your most successful strategies? Be sure to tell us about them in the comments!

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  • John Harley