Ultimate Guide to Kayak Fishing

Ultimate Guide to Kayak Fishing

Fishermen are always scouting for the next strategy or trick that is going to help them take their fishing success to the next level.

One of the newer ways people are getting out on the water and catching more fish is through kayak fishing.

This type of fishing offers a wide array of benefits that will have you reeling in more fish in no time.

One of the biggest benefits you can receive from this style of fishing is the access you are opened up to when out on the water.

360 Degree Access

When you are fishing on the shore, you are limited to what is directly in front of you when going after fish.

When you are out on the water though, a kayak opens up 360 degrees of access to the water, allowing you to get to more and more spots where the fish are and reel them in.

You can also cover a lot more area in a kayak as it will travel long distances with minimal effort.

Cost Effective

If are trying to get out in the open water in a regular boat, your costs can quickly become very expensive depending on how often you are using it.

From filling up on gas, to the constant upkeep needed on them, boats can be a real money pit if not cared for correctly.

A kayak though, does not require gasoline and is specifically built to withstand many of the difficult conditions you will encounter when out on the water.

At fishingonline.com, we offer a wide range of different products that are perfect for setting you up to start kayak fishing.

From kayaks to rod holders to dry pouches, here are just a few of the many outstanding products we offer to help you get your kayak fishing adventures going.


For those just getting started in this style of fishing, getting the proper vessel is key to success.

One of the best available options on the market today is the Jackson Kayak Kraken.

This top of the line model provides you with everything needed to start this activity as it is ideal for those going out into open water.

Available in six different colors to choose from, this model provides you with plenty of ways to put your own personal touch on your boat.

With plenty of storage space and an ergonomic design that is ideal for multi day trips, this is the perfect model for anyone.

Rod Holder

Staying comfortable and relaxed is key to successful fishing, but you can't accomplish this by holding your rod the entire time.

For the kayak fisherman out on the water for prolonged periods of time, the Yak Attack Zooka Tube is the perfect addition to your setup.

This top of the line accessory mounts directly onto the deck of your kayak and can fit a wide variety of different spinning and casting rods.


If you are kayak fishing, getting around the water effectively and efficiently is key to both your fishing success and your overall safety.

Investing in a quality paddle is a great addition to your setup and the Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle is an outstanding all around model suited for anyone.

With the corrosion resistant aluminum shaft, high impact handle, and molded blades, this top of the line product is guaranteed to last you for many seasons to come.

Rod and Reel

Having quality fishing equipment is vital to your success on the water, and the Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcast Combo is ideal for any kayak fisherman.

For the most dedicated fishermen on the water, this is the perfect rod and reel combo that can stand up to the most intense conditions.

A double anodized aluminum spool, high end Power Disk drag system, and 24 ton graphite all come together to create one of the most lightweight and durable products available on the market today.

Anchor Kit

If you are going to be parking your kayak out on the water for awhile, having a quality anchor is key to getting the most out of your experience.

The Shoreline Marine Kayak Fishing Anchor Trolley Kit is ideal for any fisherman needing to stay in one spot and get the most access around them as possible.

A 1.5 pound anchor attached to 50 feet of anchor line provides you with everything you need to stay in one spot and rotate an entire 360 degrees so you won't miss a single spot out on the water.

Dry Pouch

When fishing in a vessel as small and as close to the water as a kayak, you are much more exposed to the water than in other scenarios.

Keeping your valuables dry and protected is a high priority, making the Shoreline Marine E-Reader Dry Pouch the perfect accessory for any kayak fisherman.

This dry pouch allows you to still use your phone through the case while still keeping it and everything else dry in its 100 percent weather and water resistant cover.

Fishing Life Jacket

No matter where you are fishing, safety is always the number one priority. If you are going to be out on the water, the Stohlquist Piseas PFD Fishing Life Jacket is a must have.

An ideal combination of function and comfort, this vest comes with dual side adjustments, open sides for ventilation, adjustable webbed shoulder straps, and much more.

This model even comes with plenty of storage space on the front so you can store anything you need in the convenient pockets.

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