What is 412 Bait Company?

What is 412 Bait Company?

Settled in a suburb just outside of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania is a flourishing small business that produces some of the finest soft-plastic baits. So how did a non-kayak angler from Tennessee discover this hidden gem?

Pure. Luck.

What started out as a Google search for lead molds turned into a 3 hour journey into the land of custom plastic baits and the discovery of 412 Bait Company by Donald Corbett. I immediately placed my first order. Within 24 hours of receiving that order I had landed over a dozen largemouth in a 100-yard stretch of river bank that I’d never fished before.

Karla With another 412 Catch

Call me a believer!

Flash-forward a year, and I proudly represent a great company with an expanding line up. Spinnerbaits, jigs, swim jigs, swing jigs, creatures, craws, tubes, sticks, worms, swimbaits, frogs; you name it, Corbett’s got it. He’s even designed custom colors, such as Greensicle, Real PA Blue Craw, River Raider (with the help of Team Angler Josh Agee), Frog Belly, Filthy Pumpkin, and Dreamsicle, some of which are only available right here at FishingOnline.com.

In addition to the various molds, 412 Bait Co. offers anglers a choice between two formulas: the super-soft, sinking Tournament Series, and the somewhat-buoyant Standard Formula. Both formulas receive a healthy dose of the secret recipe scent that the fish hold onto, allowing more time to detect the bite and drive the hook home.

As far as favorite baits go, I can’t pick just one. Corbett offers such a wide variety of baits, colors, and sizes that can be easily matched to the conditions. For instance, it’s a cloudy day, gentle breeze, fairly clear water flowing through a backwoods creek, I’m going to throw a Phase III spinnerbait in Chartreuse Shad coupled with a Pearl White 3.5” Yoda, or bang the bottom with a Texas-rigged  Greensicle Small Jaw Craw. Or bright, blue-sky day with a little more wind, run a Cold Steel Yoda on a Tennessee Shad swim jig. The possibilities are virtually endless!

So what are you waiting for? View all of the  412 Baits here!

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