YakAttack BoomStick Quick Fix For Stability and Security

YakAttack BoomStick Quick Fix For Stability and Security

If you recently purchased a Jackson Kayak Coosa HD or  YakAttack Boomstick (with or without the YakAttack Articulating Mounting Kit ) then this article will be very helpful to you. As you may already know, the Boomstick tends to sway back and forth quite a bit. This will make it hard to capture steady footage from your kayak. Luckily, Fishing Online has found a way to fix these issues with a VERY cheap solution!

All you need is 2 o-rings! When you order a Boomstick from Fishing Online, we will include these with the purchase. If you ordered from somewhere else, we will give you specs on the right size o-rings so you can apply this fix. If you would like to purchase just the o-rings, please email us at info@fishingonline.com or give us a call and we would be happy to help you out.

The best o-ring sizes that we have found are as follows:

  • For the Boomstick attaching to the Articulating Arm: 22 mm inner diameter x 3 mm thickness
  • For the Articulating Arm attaching to a mount on the kayak, Boomstick mounting on the kayak mount, or geartrac adapter: 11/16 inner diameter x 1/16 thickness (sorry to move from standard to metric!)

To use these o-rings, simply slide them onto the very top of the male end of the mount. This will be the fix for stabilizing the Ram Post and Spline mounts. Once inserted into the female end, the o-ring takes up all of the space in between the 2 adapters and eliminates most of the wiggling and wobbling action. Please watch the YouTube video that we have made so you know exactly how to fix your Boomstick. We hope that this video will help everyone to stabilize their Boomstick mount to capture great video!

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  • John Harley