YakAttack's New Products for 2015

YakAttack's New Products for 2015

YakAttack ParkNPole Link

YakAttack is a company that has quickly become synonymous with top quality products. Anyone who is in the kayak fishing world has heard of this company, and many probably have at least one product from them. With the constant growing of the kayak fishing community, YakAttack is continuously expanding their product line to keep up with the growing market. The new product lineup for 2015 is so innovative yet so simple and easy to use.


YakAttack ParkNPole Line and Extension Piece

How many times have you been frustrated that you have this 8 foot pole that is constantly in your way, you have to worry about it being locked down, or get such a headache from the transportation? Well YakAttack has heard the complaints and frustration from its customers and have created this new ParkNPole Link! This gives you the same 8 feet, but now it is conveniently constructed in a 2 piece system. The same durable material is still used so the product isn’t compromised by being made into multiple pieces; it just makes your life easier! It is as simple as screwing the pieces together and you are all ready to go.

For those times when you are in deeper water or have a rougher current, there is also the new ParkNPole Extension Piece. At 46 inches you can now create a 12 foot ParkNPole for your kayak. This extension piece screws in between the other ParkNPole Link pieces to create maximum height.


YakAttack Anchor Trolley System

YakAttack Anchor Trolley

This trolley system is what everyone has been waiting for! Designed with only its job in mind, you can expect nothing less than the best with this product. Coming in two different models, the Standard Anchor Trolley and the Anchor Trolley HD, you will be able to find whatever you are looking for. Once again, YakAttack has used nothing but the best when it comes to choosing the material for their products. This Anchor Trolley System is made out of a UV stabilized nylon, which makes it extremely durable. Both models come with a long list of standard features, as well as 35 feet of 550 paracord that is made right here in the USA. Extremely easy to install, this system is sure to secure any extra anchor line you may have. The HD model includes all of the same elements as the Standard model, in addition to backing plates and extra pad hooks to ensure the most heavy duty installation.


YakAttack Paddle Holder

YakAttack Paddle Holder

When you hook a monster or hit some rough waters, one of the first things to always get lost is your paddle. Even though it is likely the thing you need most in your kayak it always seems to slip away first. With this problem occurring more than anyone would like YakAttack has created an excellent solution, the RotoLoc Paddle Holder! This paddle holder is compatible with GearTrac, Mighty Mounts, and almost any other track systems that may be pre-installed on your kayak. This product is so ingenious the company wanted to make sure it was available to everyone, regardless of your track system. You never again have to worry about your paddle falling into the water, now you simply click it into this paddle holder and relax.


YakAttack Vertical Tie Downs

It seems there are ways to mount and secure almost anything in your kayak nowadays; however, there are still those larger, pesky items that manage to annoy everyone when they start sliding around. The Vertical Tie Downs are compatible with many different types of track systems, and are meant to be used with 1 inch or 1.5 inch flat webbing or bungees. Regardless of your strap choice, all you have to do is loop through the tie down and around something on the item you are trying to secure. This process that is going to give you peace of mind knowing your items are securely strapped to your kayak could not be any easier or faster.


YakAttack Leash Plug Adapter Starter Kit

YakAttack is quickly realizing that their products could help so many more people that just those that use kayaks. With the Leash Plug Adapter Starter Kit, the stand-up paddle board community is now going to be able to use some of the wonderful accessories created by this company. By simply attaching this kit to your paddle leash you will now have the capability to use Screwballs, PanFish Portrait Camera Mounts, and any other type of Mighty Bolt mounted accessory offered.


Expanding their product line is a sure sign that this company is here to stay. Their products are consistently top rated and have proven themselves to be durable and easy to use. When you are out on your kayak, whether it be just for a nice ride on the water or trying to snatch up that monster, you don’t want to waste time looking for something because it slid around or fell out into the water. YakAttack has always been at the top and trying to make their customers trips as smooth as possible so they can enjoy their time out on the water! We hope you enjoy the new 2015 lineup!

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  • John Harley