G. Loomis

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Made for anglers by anglers, G. Loomis constructs each fishing rod into a masterpiece without any compromise! G. Loomis uses only the best materials, refined the best processes and trust only the most skilled craftsmen to create and produce their gear lineup. Weighted and balanced to perfection, G. Loomis rods will give you unparalleled sensitivity and unrelenting durability when it matters the most!

Your time on the water is precious, and G. Loomis knows that! That's why they never want to you risk having a less-than-perfect-day out on the water by trusting in their high-quality, high-performing fishing rod line up. Equipping yourself with the right gear is essential, and having the people at G. Loomis understand how important sets them apart! Demand more out of your equipment and make the most of your time on the water with G. Loomis!