Live Target

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LIVETARGET lures are designed and manufactured using the best raw materials, equipment, and processes in today's industry. Every variable in each step of the production process is carefully considered for maximum performance. From engineering and design to sonic welding to the multi-layered hand painted finishes, LIVETARGET has earned its premium reputation as a quality lure manufacturer.

Livetarget lives up to meticulous quality control standards throughout the entire manufacturing process. No tuning is required and each lure is tank tested to run true. Each fishing lure is equipped with premium hooks (strong points and integral strength for solid penetration). Every Live Target lure comes with a detailed tip and tech sheet inside the package.

These premium lures host a variety of internal weight and rattle components to give the lures their tantalizing fish calling sound and vibration. Internal components include a mix of lead, steel, brass, and glass depending on the model. Many models also feature a weight transfer system. The internal weight rolls to the rear of the bait during a cast to enhance casting distance. When the lure is retrieved, the weights roll to the keel position giving the lure its preferred action and vibration.