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The Mustad brand has been around since the 1800's in Norway. In 1877 a revolution had started. This was the time when the world's very first fishhook machine was created. Up until that point, each and every fish hook had been made by hand. A steel wire was inserted on one end of this machine, and by the time it came out on the other side it was a fishing hook. As you can imagine, this has since changed the lives of all fishermen.

The past 130+ years Mustad has made it their mission to create the perfect fishing hook for each and every need a fisherman would have. The plant where these hooks are created is the largest for producing fishing hooks in the world. These hooks are sold in over 160 countries. Although this company has grown immensely since they originated so many years ago, they have never lost their roots and still continue to use Norwegian steel for each and every hook.

Mustad is the number one choice for fishing hooks by Kevin VanDam. Kevin is ranked the number one angler in the world and has been a world champion 6 times (so it's safe to say he knows what he is talking about). It's safe to say that Mustad is the best-selling fishing hook on the market!