A Parent's Guide to Taking Your Kids Fishing

A Parent's Guide to Taking Your Kids Fishing

A tradition that has been passed down to kids by their parents for generations, fishing is one of America's favorite outdoor activities and is a great way to encourage quality family time.

There is never a bad time to get your kids introduced to fishing, so getting them started young is the perfect way to create a fun and exciting foundation for them.

If you are looking to introduce your children to this fantastic activity, here are a few helpful tips for their first few outings.

Slow and Steady

If you are taking your toddler out on the water for the first time, you likely aren't going to be reeling in any fish right off the bat.

This is the time to teach them the ropes and the very basics of fishing, as well as simple rules of safety and catching.

Just getting them out on the boat or walking along the shore will help to spark their interest and get them more excited about the prospect of catching fish.

Safety First

If you have a younger child you are introducing to fishing, keeping them safe should be your number one priority.

For those going out on the water in a small boat or even a kayak, having your child's life vest on before you get in the boat is vitally important.

If you find yourself simply fishing along the shoreline, be sure to keep an eye on them and consider a life vest for the smaller kids in case they happen to fall into the water.

Father and Kids

Keep Your Kids Occupied

While fishing for hours on end may be relaxing and enjoyable to you, your kids may get bored with it far sooner than you will.

Be sure to have some other activities for your kids to do either on the shoreline or to keep them busy when you are out on the boat.

If your child can only stand to be on the water for 30 minutes at a time, bring the boat in for a little bit and do something on the shoreline that they enjoy before going back out for another little outing.

Stay Fueled

If you take your kids out on a hot day, they are going to get tired and dehydrated sooner than later. Be sure to keep an adequate stock of water and food with you to keep them going so they continue to enjoy the day with you.

From sandwiches to fruit to sports drinks, having all of this on hand will help you out and lead to them having a more enjoyable day.

Catching the First Fish

When your child does catch their first fish, be sure to celebrate and commemorate the moment with a family photo as it is one they won't ever forget.

Follow these tips and tricks and you are sure to hook your kids on fishing in no time.

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  • John Harley