How to Catch Bigger Bass

How to Catch Bigger Bass

Every fisherman is always going after that bigger catch, and bass are one of the most popular sport fish in the water. These fish can get quite large and reeling the bigger ones in is always a great accomplishment.

Just like fishing for any species, there are subtle tips and tricks you need to master in order to start hauling in the big ones. If you are trying to boost the size of your catch, here are some helpful hints you should follow along.


Finding the Right Spot

When it comes to bass fishing, the spawn beds typically attract a high volume of anglers and rightfully so. There will usually be a higher concentration of fish in these areas and in turn can help yield more bites on your line throughout the day.

If you are really trying to reel in the big fish though, avoiding these hot spots and moving toward the shoreline is a great alternative that can bring you very positive results in the long run.

Many large bass tend to hang out near the shore by the shallow, weeded areas and area perfect spot for an angler to pick a few of. By either skipping your bait right above their heads or just letting the line settle for several seconds, you can get the bass's attention and hopefully get them to attack it.

Finding a path that the bass are on is one of the biggest keys to hauling them in in droves. You may have to hunt around a lake or reservoir or river to find that spot, but when you are able to find that area that they frequent at a shallow to mid-range depth of 6-12 feet, you can be high successful in getting them to bite.

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Using the Right Bait

Just as in all fishing, the proper bait can make all the difference when you are trying to reel in bigger game fish. An open faced spinning lure is typically going to be your best bet and best option to go for when trying to reel in these kind of bigger catches.

One of the best options to really try and get some high activity from the fish in the water is by opting for a buzzbait. Longer casts with this bait that you can either drag slowly through a hot spot or simple let sit there for a little while will give you some great opportunities to reel in some big fish in the long run.

Other quality bait options for those simply looking for large bass are swimbaits. While these will only last for a few bites before falling off, they are very attractive to the fish and can pay off greatly in the long run if used correctly.

Follow a few of these tips and tricks and you will be hauling in bigger bass in no time.

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  • John Harley