How to catch Catfish at Lake Erie

How to catch Catfish at Lake Erie

You asked for a more in-depth look at the techniques used on Erie Extreme TV, so we've partnered with Dave Lefebre and the rest of the crew to bring you a new segment called In-Depth Look! We're breaking down on the main products and techniques featured in each segment to help diehard fishing fanatics like yourself learn tips and tricks straight from the pros!

Check out this week's In-Depth Look at How to Catch Catfish at Lake Erie:
Catfish equipment setup

Channel Catfish are the most popular species of catfish that reside in Lake Erie, and in our opinion, they are the most fun to catch! They spend most of their time in the big lake but come Spring, they make their way into the creeks, which presents the perfect opportunity to catch them from the bank! The best part about catfishing is you don't need a ton of fancy equipment to catch them.

Here's a look at Jon DeMarco's basic catfishing setup:
Rod:  13 Fishing Defy 7ft Medium Spinning Rod
Reel:  Any spinning reel will do the trick, but make sure it's heavy-duty and durable
Line:  Sufix Elite Monofilament - a minimum of 10 lb test
Hook:  VMC Wacky Hook or Circle Hook - #1 or #1/0
SinkerSouth Bend Dipsey Sinker 3/4-1 oz

The Carolina-rig is a great go-to rig for catfishing. Not familiar with the Carolina-rig? It's basically a swivel, then a sinker and then about a 16-inch leader that goes straight to your circle hook. The rig that you use is extremely important, but the MOST important catfishing item is your bait!
Carolina-Rig Example

Catfish have a very keen sense of smell, so you want a bait that really stinks! Try using chicken liver, shrimp, or hotdogs. To really stink-up your hotdog, try marinating it in some vinegar and garlic. Sound delicious right? Oh, but we're not done. Whatever bait you're using, make sure you leave it sitting out in the sun for at least a day before you go fishing so your bait gets an amplified stink that no catfish can resist!

When you finally hit the water and hook into a catfish, hold on because they're strong. Once you drag that hawg to shore, you'll understand why so many anglers go catfishing for the fun of the sport! We hope that you enjoyed this blog and that some of these tips and tricks help you to successfully catch some of Lake Erie's finest 'whisker bandits.'

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