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Fishing Online's Pro-Staff

Fishing Online Team Member Dave Lefebre

Dave Lefebre

From Erie, PA, Dave grew up fishing for Crappie and Muskie with his Dad. His passion for fishing grew very quickly alongside his passion for music. At a young age Dave started competing in fishing tournaments and quickly made his name known. He knew from the time he was 13 years old he wanted to be a professional bass angler. Working very hard until his dream came true by climbing his way up from fishing lower tier Bassmaster and FLW events, to qualifying for the Bassmaster and FLW tour. Deciding to focus on the FLW tour, he accumulated 7 wins, 65 top 10's and over $2.3 million in winnings over 14 years. He quickly became known as one of the most consistent anglers on the tour. In 2016 Dave decided to shift gears and direct his focus at the Bassmaster Elite Series after qualifying through the Northern Opens.

Fishing Online Team Member Bill Sikora

Bill Sikora

Growing up in New Jersey, Bill was always looking for different waters to fish for Largemouth Bass, whether it was from a bank or a jon boat, he loved to fish. It wasn't until he moved to South Florida back in 2003 that he discovered what would become his true passion...kayak fishing. Since then, he has continued to fish from a kayak in freshwater, inshore, and offshore. In 2009, Bill formed his club, the Florida Bass Paddlers, which was created to unite kayak bass anglers and to also provide a platform to host fundraisers to benefit multiple not-for-profit organizations. Bill is a proud Pro Staff Member of Manley Rods, YakAttack, Kaku Kayaks, and Bass Addiction GEAR. In addition, he is also a proud member of the South River Outfitters Fishing Team.

Fishing Online Team Member Blace Hutchens

Blace Hutchens

Blace was born and raised in the West Virginia foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. He has always had an enthusiasm for fishing and most recently kayak fishing. His love started at the farm pond where he caught his first fish. His passion for fishing eventually grew stronger with every cast. Now, his main focus are river smallmouth bass. Hinton is known for the famous New River, which consists of turbulent white water and giant bronze backs. Those two things inspired his love for kayak fishing. Kayaks are his way to access the water touched by few and overlooked by many. Honing his skills overtime acquired him a spot on the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team. He is a member of the Mountain State Kayak Anglers and actively participates in kayak tournaments around his home state. You might think fishing is his life, but he is also a family man, proud father, and caring husband. Promoting kayaking, fishing, and the outdoors is something engrained in his DNA. He lives to enjoy life while encouraging everyone to appreciate the thrills that nature provides.

Fishing Online Team Member Chase Hyde

Chase Hyde

From a young age, growing up in North Central West Virginia, my father and I spent most of our days fishing the pond located on our farm and taking fly-in trips into remote Ontario lakes. As time went on, my experience became more vast and I moved onto bigger local bodies of water. The banks of the Hughes River and what is now North Bend Lake quickly became my home water. In 2013, I was introduced to kayaking by the woman who would become my beautiful wife. From there, my love and passion for the sport of kayak fishing has flooded my life. Joining the MSKA in 2014 has opened the door to countless friendships and opportunities. I am honored to be a 412Baitco team member and a Fishing Online Pro-Staff team member. With the support of my teams, I am able to consistently improve my skill set while doing what I love!

Fishing Online Team Member Don Corbett

Don Corbett

Don grew up just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania fishing the many rivers and creeks the area has to offer. My primary passion is kayak bass fishing but I also like to chase Musky from time to time. I average 10-15 kayak bass tournaments a year across the eastern side of the U.S. In 2013, I had four top three tournament finishes, six in 2014, and placed in several for 2015 that led me to 5th place overall national finish for the year in the River Bassin Tournament Trail. I am also the founder and owner of 412 Bait Company by Donald Corbett. By far my favorite type of kayak fishing is on swift rivers. It's something about the adventures that always seem to present themselves when setting up and doing river floats. The Smallmouth Bass might have a little to do with it as well! I enjoy watching the sport of kayak fishing continuing to grow and sharing my passion with others. Kayak fishing offers a level of relaxation that I hadn't previously found in life and I like nothing more than seeing a brand new kayak fishermen discover that. I will always try to continue to improve as an angler and ambassador to the sport! I look forward to meeting and fishing with as many like-minded individuals as possible in the fishing community.

Fishing Online Team Member Jeff Rabbit

Jeff Rabbit

I have been fishing as long as I can remember. I started kayak fishing because it was a fast and affordable way to get on the water while I was in college. Like most people getting into the sport, my first kayak was a recreational sit inside kayak. The more I fished in the kayak the more I fell in love with the sport. Nowadays I feel out of place when not fishing out of a kayak. I found out about a kayak club having tournaments in my area in 2013 and I was very enthused. Fishing in tournaments is more than just a competition it’s about having fun, spending time with friends and meeting new friends.

Fishing Online Team Member Joe Floriolli

Joe Floriolli

Joe was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa. His passion for fishing came from his father and uncle bank fishing the Monongahela river just outside of Pittsburgh at a barge storage area. Joe's addiction to fishing grew more and more over the years and hit an all time high when he began targeting smallmouth bass. Shortly after catching his first bass he began fishing powerboat buddy tournaments on the Pittsburgh's three rivers and even placed in the trails championship classic tournament in his first season. The powerboat eventually became too much of a money pit for Joe and he transformed his recreational kayak used to float the Youghiogheny River into a fishing kayak. Doing this opened up so many doors for Joe and he eventually purchased a Jackson Kayak and started fishing tournaments across PA and into WV. Today, Joe enjoys fishing tournaments not only in PA and WV but now will travel to any state to participate in some of the largest Kayak bass fishing tournament trails like The Riverbassin Trail. Kayak fishing is one of many hobbies for Joe. He also enjoys photography, teaching new anglers different techniques, or just floating down the Youghiogheny river and relaxing.

Fishing Online Team Member Matt Ball

Matt Ball

I was born and raised in Grafton, WV and now reside in Little Hocking, OH. I grew up fishing with my Father from the time I could hold a pole, and continue to pass that love of fishing on to my kids. I am the proud father to 4 awesome kids, and husband to the most understanding woman in the world, who is also my biggest supporter. I am the 2016 (And First Ever) Kayak Bass Fishing National Champion, and am a proud member of the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team, 412 Bait Company team, All Pro Rods pro staff, Mountain State Kayak Anglers, KBF, and River Bassin tournament Trail. I spend the spring thru fall chasing bass all over the state of WV and OH, as well as traveling around the country fishing in various tournaments with friends and family. When the leaves fall I am an avid Bow-hunter and enjoy chasing the big Whitetail Deer of southeastern Ohio. Faith, Family, Friends and the Outdoors are my passions and I love to share and talk about all those to anyone who will listen. I truly love being on the water and look forward to making more memories and sharing my knowledge with others every day.

Fishing Online Team Member Nathan Rees

Nathan Rees

Growing up in rural Appalachia, it was nearly impossible to not find myself wandering around the outdoors. I picked up fishing at the early age of 4 pond hopping with a bobber and worm side by side with my father. After that I slowly watched it consume me and become a part of who I am. I bought a old jon boat before I bought a car. Rods, reels, and tackle became more important than a new pair of school shoes or having the latest clothing brand. It wasn’t until college that I discovered kayak fishing and I’ll never look back. Whether it be musky, smallmouth, or any other species that swims there is no greater satisfaction than targeting them from a kayak. It's just you and the fish out there and may the best man win. Along my journey I have been able to partner up with some of the absolutely best companies to work with. I am a Jackson Kayak Fishing team member, 412 Team member, Fishing Online member, and the National Kayak Team Director for Bayou Bug Jigs. With the help and support from these companies I have been able to expand my fishing opportunities, make some amazing friends, and fish waters I may have never had the chance to otherwise. I'm excited for the future and can't wait to see where I end up fishing next.

Fishing Online Team Member Noah Heck

Noah Heck

Noah is the founder of Kayak Anglers, a non-profit organization established in 2013 which is focused on charity, community and the growth of kayak fishing. He has been fishing all of his life, primarily for freshwater bass and has been doing most of his fishing from a kayak since 2005. He spends equal time on lakes and rivers in Western Pennsylvania where he currently resides and is a power fisherman who tends to focus on the reaction bite when he can find some aggressive fish. His species of choice is undoubtedly smallmouth bass. Noah is a Project Coordinator by day and has a wife, Summer, and a son, Rowan who both love the outdoors.

Fishing Online Team Member Randy Bergin

Randy Bergin

Born from Ice as they say.... Raised in Syracuse NY a city with consistent record snowfall, Randy grew up skiing on his local slopes. After perusing a career in winter-sports he realized there was a lot more adventure to be had in the summer months. With a family rooted in "sportsman" traditions, he is no stranger to fishing, but over the last several years he has made it his "Job" to pursue any species he can from his kayak. Now living in Buffalo on the shores of Lake Erie and the Niagara River, he is no stranger to big water and spends much of his time chasing trophy smallmouth bass from his Jackson Kayaks. He is also one of the tournament directors of Kayak Anglers Of Central NY. He enjoys spreading the excitement and adventure of kayak fishing to all, and looks forward to showing the ropes to his tiny tot son!

Fishing Online Team Member Russell Johnson

Russell Johnson

Russell has been fishing since he was 2 years old. He would always fish with his grandfather and father on the Yough. Growing up in Whitsett, PA and being right next to the river, he has always found fishing enjoyable and part of life. Russell enjoys fishing any lake, river, or stream. He has fished every chance he could get, from an aircraft carrier during his U.S. navy enlistment, to his favorite canoeing/kayaking the Yough river. With fishing 100+ days a year, he still finds beauty in every fish and enjoys watching them swim away to fight another day.

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