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John Harley - Founder of Fishing Online

John Harley - Founder of Fishing Online

Fishing Online is owned and operated by a kayak bass fishing enthusiast, yours truly! I’ve always loved the adventure of the water and the mystery of what lurked beneath. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t get much better than floating in a kayak watching the sunrise over the glassy water, followed by the strike of a monster bass that just took my bait! As the serene thrill of fishing brought me back to the water more and more, I quickly noticed a problem. I couldn’t just go to one retailer to get high-quality, reliable kayak fishing supplies and had to place orders with multiple different companies to get what I needed. The hassle and inconveniences were enough to put anyone overboard, and I knew I couldn’t be the only angler out there that had this problem… it turns out, I wasn’t! So, in true John Harley fashion, instead of waiting around for someone to make a solution, I took a leap of faith and created the solution myself! A love for kayak bass fishing + a universal problem that plagued most anglers = Fishing Online! Yes, that’s how it all started! As a software engineer, I never planned on owning an online retail store, but this is where my passion led. I can also say that opening a brick and mortar store was never part of the plan either; however, sharing the love of this sport with so many provided us with the opportunity of opening our doors in March 2018 to our physical storefront. I don’t consider Fishing Online a retail store; it’s my passion that transformed into a worldwide community of anglers bonded together by the love of fishing.

Here at Fishing Online, you will experience the hospitalities of a small family-owned and operated business, but that’s not all! You’ll experience a staff that is assembled of experienced fishermen that have expert knowledge and share the same love for fishing that you do! The staff that you see on our website and Facebook page, the ones writing our articles and blogs, and the voices you hear on the phone will be the same faces you will see when you come into our storefront! No large business hierarchy here; we’re real fishermen, just like you, sharing the same passion. Did you know that we stock 99% of our items in our warehouse that is attached to our storefront? This allows us to provide you with the fastest shipping possible! You’ll even receive FREE shipping on orders over $50*, and your orders ship the same day if submitted by 2:00 PM EST.

Whether you're scrolling through our online store or walking through our storefront, you can choose from a wide array of premium products and options that suit your fishing needs! We personally understand that purchasing high-quality fishing products online can be a daunting task, and that’s exactly why we are ready! We are here to assist anglers, of all experience levels, with any questions that you may have. Our team is dedicated to exceeding your service expectations and ensuring that your transactions are as smooth as possible. Delivering excellent customer service and quality products is just what we do! We'd love to hear from you, so feel free to give us a call at (844) 5-FISHON, or you can reach out to us at info@fishingonline.com, for anything that you may need!

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