Benefits of an Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Benefits of an Inflatable Fishing Kayak

If you're looking for a new and exciting addition to your angling adventures, an inflatable fishing kayak may be for you. As anglers, we are always looking for new ways to get on the water to catch fish. There are various options when it comes to fishing kayaks, but finding the right fit can be challenging. During that search process, many of the benefits and features of an inflatable kayak can easily be overlooked. Whether you're a tournament angler or a recreational fisherman, having the right tools for the job will always give you the advantage. Looking at the following categories; accessibility, features, durability, storage, and cost, here's why an inflatable kayak may be the next best kayak for you.


One of the biggest advantages of an inflatable fishing kayak is its easy access. Adventuring towards your remote fishing spot is made much easier with the portability of an inflatable design. Included with a carrying bag and pump, maneuvering an inflatable has never been easier. Kayaks such as the NRS Kuda 106 is a 10'8" kayak that weighs only 27 lbs. In comparison, a traditional kayak of that size can weigh twice that amount and can't be packed up and carried on your back. Once you arrive at your spot, it takes as little as 5-10 minutes to inflate and set up your kayak before you are ready to hit the water.

An inflatable can excel in many river applications because its agile, durable, and easy to move. The lightweight design allows you to maneuver your kayak around objects such as rocks, laydowns, and other obstacles during your float. Ideal for remote destinations where access on and off the water is limited.


One of the common misconceptions about inflatable fishing kayaks are there need for features. As anglers, we love our gear, whether tackle, rods, reels, crates, fishfinders, or mounts. Often your gear selection may have to be scaled down as a lot goes into setting up the perfect rig for a successful day on the water. But it is possible to accommodate many of the features of a traditional kayak into an inflatable design.

Looking at the Hobie Mirage iTrek 9 Ultralight and the Hobie Mirage iTrek 11, these are at the top of the class regarding inflatable kayaks. Aside from the award-winning design and features, what makes these kayaks so versatile is the Hobie MirageDrive GT. The pedal-driven design allows you to maneuver, unlike any other inflatable kayak. Eliminating the need for a traditional paddle and providing unmatched performance in an inflatable platform comparable to its conventional counterpart.

When it comes to additional features, it is hard to overlook the NRS Pike 12.6 Pro Inflatable Fishing Kayak. This 12' 8" kayak comes loaded with YakAttack accessories that allow you to outfit this into the ultimate fishing vessel. Included with the YakAttacks RotoGrip Paddle Holder, Cupholder, MightyMount Switch, BlackPak Fishing Crate, and Omega Rod Holder with track-mounted LockNLoad Mounting System, this kayak certainly isn't lacking accessible features. Right from the get-go, this kayak is ready for the hardcore angler.

The Hobie iTrek, the NRS Pike, and Kuda kayaks allow the addition of a fishing crate that houses your tackle and gear for the day. Crates like the YakAttack BlackPak Pro are very versatile as you can directly add mounts and accessories to crates. Additional mounts, such as the Railblaza RIBport with StarPort Mount and the YakAttack SwitchPad Surface Mount, are some must-haves for inflatable kayaks. These flexible adhesive mounting pads allow you to attach accessories directly to your inflatable simply by sticking them on. A strong and sturdy fit that provides you with even more options to maximize your angling efficiency.


An inflatable fishing kayak's unique design and performance make it easy to use for all skill levels. Whether a seasoned pro or a beginner, you're offered a well-rounded experience. Much of the on-the-water performance is similar to that of a traditional kayak, and much of the same can be said regarding its durability. The drop-stitched PVC design and technology that's featured in the most popular inflatable kayaks is renowned for its rigidity. Built to handle the smallest and sharpest hook points and the environment and elements found in the water.

Being inflatable does not mean cheap; that is why Hobie and NRS inflatables feature the best materials. When these inflatables are loaded with the proper pressure, the rigid design suppresses contact with debris such as rocks, docks, and trees. This allows the kayak to bounce off objects where a traditional kayak would scratch, scrape and damage the harder surface. If an accident does happen and your inflatable is punctured, patch kits are available and very easy to apply. A patch kit will ensure you're back on the water as quickly as possible.


Owning a kayak can be cumbersome for many that are tight on space. Large kayaks can require trailers or owning a large truck to transport. With excellent accessibility, inflatable kayaks are much easier to store and transport even off the water. Using the included storage bag, transporting your kayak in your car and truck takes up significantly less room. While you're home, you don't need to install special racks or devices to store an inflatable kayak in a garage. It's easier than ever to take an inflatable on your next camping trip, easily slotting it inside your camper, RV, and boat. Many have yet to consider that you can travel and fly with an inflatable kayak. This dynamic allows you to take your kayak across the country to new waters, eliminating additional rental costs at your destination.


One of the main differences between a traditional fishing kayak and an inflatable fishing kayak is the cost. An adequate traditional fishing kayak can cost up to $4,000 or more. The inflatable counterpart, such as the NRS 12.6 Pike, starts at only $995.00. And for those looking to interact with the revolutionary Hobie MirageDrive, a Hobie iTrek 9 Ultralight, you can begin your journey for only $2,449. Freeing up this extra cash allows you to put more money into additional accessories and your bait and tackle selection.


When purchasing an inflatable kayak for your next fishing trip, there is plenty to consider. The unique offerings of inflatable kayaks provide the everyday user with a one-of-a-kind on-the-water experience unmatched by traditional kayaks. With its portability, storage, and all-around ease of use, handling a kayak has never been easier. Coupled with the ability to be equipped with the latest accessories and providing anglers a competitive fishing advantage for nearly half the cost. There has never been a better reason to purchase an inflatable fishing kayak. Do yourself a favor and check one out today; their capabilities may pleasantly surprise you.

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