Introduction to Kayak Anchoring

Introduction to Kayak Anchoring

No matter where you're fishing, nothing will spoil your time on the water faster than the wind. Kayak anglers are all too familiar with being susceptible to windy conditions. Battling the wind and current is no easy task, but by utilizing an anchoring system, you'll maximize your fishing abilities. With devices varying from Anchors, Stakeout Poles, Trolley Systems, and Micro Anchors, there is an anchoring system is available to fit within your budget. Effectively securing your kayak in adverse conditions, will allow you to catch more fish.


Adding a kayak anchor can be achieved with a simple approach by either equipping your anchor line to a cleat along your kayak or equipped with an anchor trolley. First, we must choose the proper anchor. You'll find two main types of anchors, a folding grapnel anchor, and a mushroom anchor. 

The folding grapnel anchor is ideal for a rocky bottom, as the prongs can easily grab ahold of objects below. Its compact, folding design is suitable for neat storage within your kayak. A mushroom anchor is simple and effective; utilizing its shape, it's ideal for softer bottoms as sediment will collect into the mushroom to weigh the anchor continually. 

When choosing an anchor size, this is based on various factors ranging from the size of your kayak to the body of water you're fishing. Generally, an anchor between 3-5lbs will suit most kayaks and applications while also providing compact storage in your kayak when not in use. 

Stakeout Pole

If you’re a shallow water angler, a Stakeout Pole may be exactly what you’re looking for. Attached by tethering along a cleat or anchor point in your kayak or deployed through an anchor trolley. Whether exploring backwaters and canals or sifting over a shallow flat, a Stakeout Pole will excel anytime you’re around a soft bottom. 

There are a variety of Poles to choose from. Available in both 6ft or 8ft sizes, both the YakAttack ParkNPole and Power-Pole Ultra-Lite/Heavy Duty Spikes are the most popular choices on the market. If you want to add a little extra length YakAttack also offers the ParkNPole Link. This is a two-piece 8ft Pole that also allows you to thread on additional 46” extensions to reach deeper depths.

Not only does a stakeout pole anchor your kayak, but it also acts as a push pole, allowing you to continue your stealthy approach through shallow water. Designed to be robust and durable, these poles do float, making them even easier to use and manipulate in your kayak.

Anchor Trolley

Essential to your kayak anchoring, an anchor trolley provides you with the key components to properly position your anchor along your kayak. Consisting of a mainline that is run between two pulleys along the outside of your kayak. Along this main line is a ring through which your anchor or pole will attach or pass through. Utilizing the pulley system, you’ll be able to direct the anchor point of the kayak between the bow and stern. 

Positioning your kayak along an anchor trolley is essential to your fishing success and safety. A kayak will turn so the wind is pushing on the end of the kayak where the anchor is located. It is essential to always have your stern downwind or down tide and your bow upwind or up tide. This offers the most stability and stabilization for the safest positioning. If your anchor trolley is positioned mid-ship, your kayak faces the wind or current with its side, which can be dangerous under certain conditions.

Anchor trolley kits make a great addition to every kayak. They involve a relatively easy installation process and are available at an affordable price. Some fan favorites include the YakAttack Anchor Trolley and the Hobie Kayak Trolley Kits. These components are also readily available, allowing you to customize and tweak a trolley specifically for your kayak. 

Anchor Wizard

If you’re looking for a streamlined tool that provides organization for your anchor line and simple deployment and retraction, an Anchor Wizard may be for you. The Anchor Wizard is a hand-mounted winch that allows you to control your anchor at your fingertips while your anchor line is neatly held along the spool. Installation is simple, with the option to mount permanently to your kayak or along any track mount for easy adjusting.   

Utilizing an Anchor Wizard allows you to deploy your anchor along the bow or the stern. This is achieved using the anchor Chute that can be purchased separately or as part of the complete kit. This Chute can also be permanently mounted or installed on any track mount. Located at either the bow or the stern of your kayak, the Chute conveniently stores your anchor and anchor line as it's guided through upon retrieval. 

Using an Anchor Wizard is as easy as it may look. With a simple turn of the handle counterclockwise, the anchor will drop. You can then “feather” the handle back and forth to control the speed of the falling anchor. When retracting the anchor, turn the handle clockwise until you have fully retracted the anchor. Your line will not slip as this system is designed to lock into place, ready for its next deployment.

Micro Anchor 

Taking shallow water anchoring to the next level, the Power-Pole Micro Anchor is in a category all its own. Much like the anchoring systems found on larger vessels, the Micro Anchor provides kayak anglers with a compact, motor-powered design to provide instant anchoring at the push of a button. Built to handle all types of bottom composition, wind, and current, this is the ultimate tool for the serious kayak angler. Built to accommodate any ¾” stakeout pole, the Micro Anchor will deploy swiftly and silently to stop your kayak on a dime. Power-Pole offers the Micro Spike in three variations a 6ft Ultra Lite, an 8ft Ultra Lite and an 8ft Heavy Duty Spike. Allowing you to adapt to the terrain and body of water for your specific kayak. 

Installing a Micro Anchor is easy with the appropriate mounting surface and bracket. Many kayaks have the proper mounting surface already built into the vessel, and by using one of the many different brackets available, you can securely install the unit. From there, powering a Micro Anchor can be done with the included 12v wired connection that will be added to a stand-alone battery, or you may purchase a lithium Battery Pack that provides rechargeable and wireless connectivity. Controlling the unit can be done on the top of the head unit or with the included wireless key fobs, one on a neck lanyard, and one mountable dash switch. 

The overall lightweight and compact design of the Micro Anchor makes this a favorite among anglers for its instant response time on the water. Built with Power-Poles CM2 technology, the Micro Anchor provides swift deployment that allows you to control the deployment speed while also coupled with instant on-the-water adjustments that include “Wave Mode”. Wave Mode allows the unit to absorb waves while re-driving the Spike into the bottom during choppy conditions to ensure the strongest hold. Offering seamless installation and the ability to be powered and controlled wirelessly, it has never been easier to step up your anchoring abilities than with the Power-Pole Micro Anchor. 

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