What's New? Bonafide & Native Watercraft Kayaks and Accessories

What's New? Bonafide & Native Watercraft Kayaks and Accessories

Check out some of the latest additions to the Bonafide and Native Watercraft lineup for 2023/2024!

From new kayaks, new colors, and multiple new accessories, there is plenty to be excited about!


Bonafide Skiff SKF117 Hybrid Fishing Kayak 


Redefining versatility, the SKF117 is a hybrid standup/sitdown fishing kayak inspired by salt flats Skiffs. A true one-of-a-kind design that utilizes the legendary SS127 hybrid catamaran hull with an added spring-loaded skeg to provide tremendous speed, stability, and tracking.

Enhancing your comfort and fishability with the high-rise seat along an open deck format, allowing for space to freely cast and fight fish. The SKF117 is highly customizable with easy integration for your favorite mounts along the multiple geartracs, a spacious tank well that'll accommodate a 16x16 BlackPak, and easy installation for a Power-Pole Micro Anchor.

Whether you need accessibility for the hard-to-reach backwaters or just want a calm afternoon of paddling, the low-profile SKF117 can do it all!



Bonafide Power PWR129 Fishing Kayak


The Bonafide PWR129 takes kayak fishing to the next level with its innovative efficiency for the modern angler. Providing comfort and stability, the PWR129 is a hybrid catamaran hull that is renowned for its performance and maneuverability.

With a fully integrated fishing system, this kayak is designed to incorporate all your favorite accessories, from motors, anchors, and fishfinders, all done without drilling into your kayak. From bow to stern, running wires is made easy with various Power Link ports for quick, seamless access. Numerous geartrac mounting points for your rod holders, camera mounts, and accessories. And integrated mounting for your motor and Micro Anchor.

The PWR129 is an unmatched blend of power, efficiency, and comfort. With the ability to incorporate the latest technology, this kayak is built for the modern angling experience!




Native Watercraft Titan X Propel 


Titan X 12.5  AVAILABLE NOW!

One of the most proven fishing kayaks on the market, the newly redesigned Titan X Propel 10.5 and 12.5 are here to help you rule the water and catch more fish.

The Titan X is a Propel Pedal Driven kayak providing a hands-free, smooth, and efficient pedaling experience. Providing unparalleled comfort now with the addition of the PivotPro seating featuring 360-degree swivel action, allowing you to access the boat from all angles.

Storage and access are the name of the game to keep up with the trends and technological advances. With the Titan X, installing your electronics, Micro Anchors, and motors has never been easier. Featuring multiple Power Link access points, mounting switches, along with Micro Anchor and Motor ready surfaces.

Storage is at a premium to house your batteries and large quantities of fishing tackle and gear. Featuring a large under-seat tackle management drawer, a spacious cargo area for your fishing crate or cooler, a large bow hatch with thru-hull transducer wiring capabilities, and a stern battery compartment to house 100ah or dual 60ah batteries.

Unmatched performance, stability, and modern integration, the Titan X Propel 10.5 and 12.5 kayaks ensure you can fish with confidence!




New Colors

Bonafide SS107 - Endless Summer Aqua AVAILABLE NOW!


Native Watercraft Slayer Propel MAX 10 & 12.5 - Wavestrike AVAILABLE NOW!


Bonafide RVR119 - Camo AVAILABLE NOW!

Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 - Sublime AVAILABLE NOW!



Sidekick HD Wheel Transport System - SAND TIRES



Bonafide/Native Watercraft Fishfinder and Graph Mount (Coming Soon)

Bonafide PWR129 Mounting Plates (Coming Soon)

Native Watercraft Titan X Steering Kit AVAILABLE NOW!

Be sure to check back for the latest updates and links to everything shown above!

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