Benefits of Fishing With Jerkbaits

Benefits of Fishing With Jerkbaits

Finding the right bait to haul in more and more fish can sometimes be a tricky task at times as you work with different kinds to find the perfect setup.

If you are fishing for bass, chances are you have likely heard of or tried fishing with jerkbait. These long and slimmer baits have been known to reel in big numbers on days where nothing else is working. This unique bait also puts the work completely in the fisherman's hands, requiring a bit more skill than other baits.

What is a Jerkbait?

Ideal for targeting bass going after smaller fish, jerk bait is best known for its long and slender body. These baits are also very shiny and move erratically in the water to perfectly mimic smaller adult shiners. These bait are known as high floaters, but they can really get attention when they get underwater.

When bass are going after school of small fish, they will typically try to isolate two or three of these fish apart from the larger group and go after the individuals. Many of these jerk baits are specifically designed to look like a small group of two or three of these smaller fish so the bass is more enticed to take a bite at it.

When Should You Use Jerkbait

While jerkbaits can be used in a wide range of different scenarios and elements, there are specific spots where it will react much better and create more biting opportunities for the bass. Having a bait that casts well is one of the most important features to successful bass fishing, and jerk baits are by far some of the best overall casting baits available today.

The fact that bass will likely be attacking this kind of bait from underneath it means that you will likely want to find a spot that has either slightly deeper water, or is over some kind of hole down below the surface. Water around 10 feet deep is typically a good number to shoot for as the bait will submerge under the water slightly. This gives you plenty of room to work with as the bait doesn't risk the chance of getting all the way down to the ground under the water.

The temperature of the water will also play a major factor in the overall success of your use of a jerk bait. When you are in colder water, the reaction on the bait will likely not be as good for the fish unless you are investing in a special jerk bait. If the water is warmer however, each flick of the wrist will help the bait dance better in the water. This beautiful  Emerald Shiner Jerkbait Baitball is ideal for a moderate temperature setting as the bait will move very well with each touch.

Follow some of these simple tips and tricks with jerkbaits and you will be reeling in more bass in no time.

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  • Seth Willoughby