Tips for Steelhead Fishing in Lake Erie

Tips for Steelhead Fishing in Lake Erie

Now that it is starting to get a little colder around the Great Lakes, it is the perfect time to start fishing for some Steelhead Trout in Lake Erie. Below, I will dive into some tips for using spinning tackle that will hopefully help you reel in a monster Steelhead!

Seaguar Fluorocarbon

First up is the type of line you should use. You want to make sure you have the lightest line that you can handle. I recommend Seaguar Fluorocarbon 6lb line. You need the line to be extremely light so the Steelhead cannot see it. This line is virtually invisible when it is under the water, making it a perfect choice!

Next, you need very small hooks. It all depends on how much the fish are pressured, but you should typically use a size 12 or 14. In my personal opinion, using red hooks are much better. There are no facts to back this theory up, I personally have just always had better luck using the red hooks!

You should also use very small floats. You want to make sure that everything you are using is not going to cause a big distraction to the fish and throw up a red flag to them! Lake Erie Steelhead Trout are about the most finicky fish that you will come across.

I also highly recommend using size BB sinkers. You do not want anything too big or too heavy on your line so I have found this size to work out great.

You will want a noodle rod about 9 feet in length. This will allow greater flex which allows you to fight the fish on light tackle.

No matter what you choose to do, just always remember to use very, very, very light tackle!

As for bait, stop by the local bait shops and they will guide you to what is working. Emerald shiners, egg sacks, single eggs, wax worms, and mealworms are all effective baits for these fish. If you are in Erie, stop by Trout Run Bait and Tackle and they will give you tips that will give you an edge!

I hope some of this information is helpful to anyone who is going to venture to Lake Erie or somewhere similar for Steelhead fishing!

Fish On!

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  • John Harley